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New York Jets Offensive Coordinator Candidate: Norv Turner

Chris Graythen

Name: Norv Turner

Last Job: San Diego Chargers Head Coach 2007-2012

Other Head Coaching Experience: Washington Redskins 1994-2000; Oakland Raiders 2004-2005

Offensive Coordinator Experience: University of Southern California Trojans 1984; Dallas Cowboys 1991-1993; San Diego Chargers 2001; Miami Dolphins 2002-2003; San Francisco 49ers 2006

Other NFL Coaching Experience: Los Angeles Rams Wide Receivers Coach 1985-1990

Rex Ryan Ties: None apparent aside from him beating Rex for the San Diego head coaching job in 2007.

Bottom Line:

Turner is rumored to be heading to Cleveland, but as we all know, lots of rumors don't pan out. Things fall apart at the last minute somewhat regularly so we can take a look at him.

I think there is a group of elite coordinators who could make any offense look respectable. I put guys like Mike Holmgren, Charlie Weis, Sean Payton, and Josh McDaniels in that group. I think Norv is a touch below that group. He's the next best thing.

Turner has gained a great deal of respect for his work with quarterbacks, and rightly so. Troy Aikman was heading to bustville when Norv became the Cowboys offensive coordinator in 1991. He ended his career as one of the all-time greats. Turner also was instrumental in developing Philip Rivers into an elite quarterbacks. Perhaps just as impressive, he made guys like Gus Frerotte and Jay Fielder look like passable quarterbacks. He also improved Alex Smith tremendously his one year in San Francisco. Norv is the only coach other than Jim Harbaugh to get anything out of Smith.

He has also shown he is adaptable. Despite his work with quarterbacks, his teams have been among the league leaders in rushing attempts when he had Ricky Williams in Miami and LaDainian Tomlinson in San Diego. He shifted to a passing attack with the Chargers as Tomlinson declined.

If the Jets want to go forward with Mark Sanchez and give it another go, they really need to find a guy like Norv. He's firmly in the good coordinator/bad head coach category. The problem the Jets have isn't that Rex Ryan took a crack at him to the press. It's that an established guy with many offers is going to look at the lack of talent the Jets have on offense and the wasteland that is the quarterback position and see a more attractive job elsewhere. Even if Cleveland does not work out, I am skeptical the Jets can get Norv.