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Norv Turner to Take Cleveland Browns Offensive Coordinator Job

Jeff Gross

The best available offensive coordinator candidate appears to be coming off the market.

Fox Sports reports that Norv Turner is expected to take Browns offensive coordinator job. There goes that candidate for the Jets.

The Browns just hired Rob Chudzinski as head coach.

Maybe Norv would have come to the Jets. That Cleveland job is not exactly an attractive one. It seems like the Jets are waiting for the new general manager to be in place. That does not really make much sense. Rex Ryan had the authority to fire Tony Sparano. The decision on the new coordinator is his. This team is already forcing the head coach on a new general manager. Would the job truly be less attractive if they were forcing a head coach and an offensive coordinator on the new general manager instead of just the head coach?

You would like to see the Jets get moving on this before any of the other good names go off the board.