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Oh, The Thinks I Can Think!

Random thoughts on a Winter's day.

"Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!"

Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

We interrupt this who-will-be-the-new-GM speculation fest to bring you the first in what I hope to be an ongoing series of occasional articles of random thoughts about the Jets, the NFL and perhaps the Universe. So, without further ado, the thinks that I think.

1. I think Tim Tebow will probably never play in the NFL again, UNLESS he is willing to make the position switch to H back. With his size, running ability and throwing ability, some team might use him effectively in a similar way to the way the Pats use Aaron Hernandez. Sometimes as a pass catcher, sometimes running the ball, sometimes direct snap and running a read option. It might work - he might even prove to be really great at it - but only if he gives up the QB dream and focuses his legendary work ethic full time on becoming an H back.

2. I think this year's Super Bowl will be won by one of the following 3 QBs: P. Manning, Brady or Rodgers. And after this Super Bowl, I think none of those three will ever win another Super Bowl. This year marks an inflection point - the old guard makes one final stand, before the young guns represented by guys like RG III, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford take over and own the game for the next decade.

3. I think the narrative that Rex Ryan won a power struggle and now exerts undue control over every level of Jets decision making is probably blown completely out of proportion. It may be very telling that we have not heard anything about the Jets interviewing anyone for their open coordinator positions. While it is assumed the DC spot will go to Dennis Thurman, if Rex has all the pull he's alleged to now have, why hasn't he already announced this? And why have we not heard of any candidates for the offensive coordinator position? There is more than one way to interpret this, but I think the Jets are waiting on these decisions for the new GM to be appointed. If so, it suggests Rex may have less power than before, not more, as he needs the new GM to approve his own coaching staff hires.

4. I think Adrian Peterson not only was not the MVP of the NFL, but also may not even have been the MVP of his own team. In the 6 games Peterson was held under 100 yards, the Vikings were 4-2, including a 2-2 record against playoff teams, with wins over playoff teams HOU and SF. In the 10 games he went over 100 yards, the Vikings were 6-4, including a 1-2 record against playoff teams. It's tough to argue that AP's performance had much influence one way or the other on the outcome of MN's games. Meanwhile, QB Christian Ponder had 9 games with a QB rating of 80+, and the Vikings went 7-2 in those games, including a record of 3-2 against playoff teams. When Ponder had a QB rating below 80, the Vikings were 3-4, including an 0-2 record against playoff teams. Clearly Ponder's play had a huge influence on the outcomes of Vikings' games. A strong case can be made that Ponder, not AP, was the Vikings' MVP.

5. I think Nick Folk is one of the worst kickers in the NFL, notwithstanding our own fan club at GGN. In the 3 years Folk has kicked for the Jets, he has missed at least 1 FG under 30 yards every year, the only kicker in the NFL to have achieved that dubious distinction. He has finished 28, 26 and 24 in FG % in his 3 years with the Jets, finishing lower each successive year. He has finished 35, 29 and 23 in kickoff touchbacks, again finishing lower in each successive year. He has one of the league's weakest and least accurate legs. Nick Folk needs to be replaced.

6. I think the problems with the Jets roster are beyond fixing in 1 or even 2 years. I think over the next 4 years the Jets will need to replace at least 4 and possibly all 5 OL starters (in 4 years Mangold and Brick will both be 33, nearing the end of the line), the starting QB, TE, RB, and at least 1 WR. That's 8-9 starters on offense. The Jets will also have to replace both safeties, at least 1 CB, 3 LBs and at least 1 DL. That's 7 more starters. That adds up to 15-16 starters to be replaced w/in 4 years. I think stockpiling draft choices and finding a GM who is good at drafting is absolutely crucial to the Jets near term success.

7. I think every single one of the Jets awful contracts can and should be traded. If the Jets are willing to eat a large portion of the salaries for Sanchez, Harris, and Holmes (assuming he returns to full health), every one of those guys can be traded for draft choices, and the Jets should bite the bullet and get it done. None of those guys will be at the top of their game and key players for the Jets by the time we are Super Bowl contenders again, so might as well move on from them right now.

8. I think the Rams just got a windfall with the RG III injury. If Griffin is out the entire 2013 season like many are speculating, the 2014 1st round pick the Rams received in the RG III trade just got a whole lot more valuable.

9. I think Pete Carroll is being crowned a great coach prematurely. He has a losing record in the NFL, has won a total of 1 playoff game, and even this year, when he finally compiled a winning record for the first time in the NFL, SEA was 3-5 away from the NFL's biggest homefield advantage. Seems like everyone's picking the Hawks against the Falcons, but I think the Falcons win it going away.

10. I think the new nominee for Secretary of the Treasury, is really loopy...


Well, that's all the thinks I think for today. What about you?

I'd really like to hear what you have to say,

So won't you share the thinks you think today?