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The Most Dominant Player

Chris McGrath

Gillette needs no introduction. If you've been following this blog, it has been mentioned over and over how great it is. At some point, it will stop running sponsored posts here and thus stop being great. That has not happened yet, though, so Gillette is still great.

This week's Gillette Facebook question is, "Who is the most dominant player both on the field and in EA Sports Madden NFL 13?"

I don't know what kind of a question this is. You can turn anybody into a dominant player in a video game if you're good enough. Once when I was the Jets in a Madden, I had so many quarterbacks get hurt that I turned free agent pickup Cory Sauter into the NFL's MVP.

I guess for the Jets the obvious answer is Darrelle Revis. Even though he only played in two games this year and left both with an injury, he dominates everybody he faces.