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New York Jets General Manager Rumors: Scott Cohen Unlikely to Get the Job?


Jeff Capellini says he is hearing that Scott Cohen's chances of getting the general manager job are not good.

Been talking to various people close to situation all day and the consensus is Cohen will not be promoted unless roof caves in.

Assuming it is true, that is some good news. I don't care whether the previous rumors were false or the Jets just came to their senses. I am just hoping this turns out to be the case.

You might remember the last time an internal candidate wowed the Jets at an interview for a big job as Cohen allegedly did. It was Brian Schottenheimer interviewing for the head coaching job in 2009. The Jets realized it would be an impossible sell to the fan base, though, so he did not get the job. Hopefully Cohen's good interview doesn't make Woody Johnson force him on a new general manager the way Schottenheimer was forced on Rex Ryan or Ryan is being forced on the new general manager.

It's tough to tell what rumors are true at this point, though.