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New York Jets General Manager Search: Tom Heckert to Be a Candidate

Jason Miller

Jason LaCanfora says you can add another name to the candidate list for Jets general managers.

Add former Browns GM Tom Heckert to the names being pursued for Jets GM job.

Heckert was just fired after a three year stint in Cleveland. The Browns were 5-11 the year before he came. They went 5-11, 4-12, and 5-11 in his three years in Cleveland. That's not exactly a great record of improvement.

The Cleveland coaching decisions were curious. They foolishly decided to bring back Eric Mangini in 2010 and then made a puzzling hire of Pat Schurmur.

It's tough to say how much of a hand Heckert had in these moves. Mike Holmgren was looking over his shoulder. Heckert did have the final say on decisions in his contract. For what it is worth, fans at the SB Nation Browns blog, Dawgs By Nature seem positive on the job Heckert did improving the talent on their roster. If they are so much better, though, I question why it didn't show on the field.

There's nothing to this guy screaming at me that he's a great candidate on the surface.

Heckert joins Tom Gamble, Marc Ross, Dave Caldwell, and Scott Cohen as official candidates.