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Happy New Year

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Happy New Year on behalf of the staff from Gang Green Nation.

2012 sure was miserable. In cased you missed it, here is a short recap.

  • On the first day of 2012, the Jets were eliminated from the Playoffs on the field of a bitter rivals as one of the captains quit on the team.
  • On the second day, Jets fans had to sit through a ridiculous press conference where we got the impression nothing was wrong Mike Tannenbaum kept talking about gym rats and said people like Patrick Turner, Caleb Schlauderaff, and Josh Baker were the future of the team. For his part, Rex Ryan said he would fix the problem by abolishing team captains.
  • The Jets delayed the firing of a hated offensive coordinator to be nice and help him get a head coaching job while watching qualified candidates like Josh McDaniels go off the board.
  • The Jets finally replaced that coordinator with a guy who had no experience as an NFL offensive coordinator and had overseen some of the most anemic offenses in the league as head coach of the Dolphins.
  • Jets fans had to watch their two most hated rivals make the Super Bowl for the second time in five years (and we aren't even out of January).
  • The Jets failed miserably in their quest to land Peyton Manning.
  • The Jets compounded missing out on Manning by giving Mark Sanchez a crazy contract extension, paying him like an elite quarterback even though his play had never come close to an elite level. This put the future of the franchise in danger with minimal gain.
  • The Tim Tebow trade with all of the ESPN nonsense and irrational hate from the rest of the league it brought as though Jets fans wanted all of this.
  • Early in training camp, cornerback Antonio Cromartie claimed he was the second best wide receiver on the team. By the end of the year, time proved him right.
  • After an offseason of claiming they were fine at right tackle, Wayne Hunter was so bad in his preseason debut that he was at one point trending second worldwide on Twitter. It's not very common to see a right tackle trending worldwide in preseason.
  • The Jets' quarterback of the present and future totally collapsed during the season.
  • The Jets go 6-10 and felt closer to 4-12 than they did to 8-8 after six blowout losses.
  • Butt fumble on national television Thanksgiving night.
  • Allowing a touchdown on defense, offense, and special teams in the span of a minute in that game.

Somehow did a rundown of the 20 fanbases who suffered most in 2012, and the Jets didn't make the list. I'm going to suspend a personal rule to be gentle in disagreements with SB Nation writers, and say the people who put this list together must not watch sports.

Happy 2013, and let's hope it's a lot better.