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Sunday Morning Huddle: New York Jets Edition

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PITTSBURGH PA - JANUARY 23:  The New York Jets huddle around Mark Sanchez #6 during their 2011 AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field on January 23 2011 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
PITTSBURGH PA - JANUARY 23: The New York Jets huddle around Mark Sanchez #6 during their 2011 AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field on January 23 2011 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
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Good morning Jets fans, it's the weekend, it's Sunday and for the first time in 9 months we can's Gameday!

I hope you are all ready, grab your coffees, sit back and join in the huddle!! I'll keep it 80% Jets and 20% what's on my mind.

Buffalo's just not to everyone's taste! Today our offensive line is going to have it's hands full, I'm not sure they will come up against a better defensive line this year, Mario, Dareus, Williams and Anderson....against a right tackle making only his second career start and a left tackle who runs hot and cold. Don't get me wrong, I'm a massive fan of D'Brickashaw Ferguson and he can play at an elite level, however he didn't last year. Luckily for him revolving door Wayne Hunter kept the focus off him but I'm going to be watching closely today to see just how he performs. We'll have the tight end chipping Williams, we'll have Powell staying in to protect Sanchez........but I'm still nervous.

Rookie Honour! Rookie wide receiver Stephen Hill will become the first Jets rookie to start the season opener since the great Wayne Chrebet, quite an honour especially when you consider that even Keyshawn Johnson the #1 overall pick in 1996 didn't start the opener. There will be a lot of pressure on Hill who has dropped some passes this pre-season. However he is a rookie and I hope the crowd don't get on him if he drops one early, rookies will feed off confidence and the last thing we need is a promising young player lose confidence early. I actually think that Hill will put in a good performance and I wouldn't bet against him starting his career with a Jets touchdown this weekend against a young secondary for Buffalo.

Rex doesn't want to attend the circus!! Rex Ryan seemed a little agitated in his Thursday press conference as he said on numerous occasions that people were under-estimating the Jets this year and that the whole 'Team is a Circus' angle is getting old very quickly. Bravo Rexy, Bravo!! it is getting old, no I take that back got old a long long time ago. The Jets have moved through the pre-season with very little in-house entertainment of the negative variety. We have slowly gone about our business, everyone has said the right things (Mostly....looking at you Cromartie) and we haven't painted a target on our back with bold exclamations. The media will run with the circus tags because they want it to be a circus, it sells and that's all that matters. Luckily here at GGN we are fans first, so the clown costume can stay in Miami.

Step-Brothers, it's all love all the time! Sorry to have a little gripe this morning but I have never heard once that there is a problem between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow and in fact multiple news outlets have reported that they have a fantastic relationship. However i notice the same trend over and over and over again, they will step on each others toes, they will start to fall out as soon as Tim takes some of Mark's reps. These are two absolute professionals both adept at handling pressure and the media. If we win there are no problems, if we lose....well I expect the problems to be caused by the media and not the players themselves.

10 Things I Think I Think

  • This Buffalo defensive line is going to do some serious damage this season
  • The Cowboys looked good and most Jets fans were delighted Cruz struggled on Wednesday night
  • The Amount of penalties in that game was ridiculous, rust or over zealous officiating?
  • I don't like that McKnight is probably not going to see as much action as he should today
  • I don't like Mike Tannanbaum coming out and putting a % on Tim Tebow's projected snaps
  • I can't wait to see Curtis Martin honoured on Curtis Martin day today
  • If we lose this game, the media will write us off completely and have us going 4-12 or worse
  • If we win this game, despite building the Bills up all off-season...people will say it was just the Bills
  • CJ Spiller is one of the most difficult players in the league to game-plan against
  • Metlife Stadium will be rocking from start to finish today, draped in Jets Green
Jets Quotes I Loved This Week"He called me a few hours after (the trade) happened and we had a great talk and I (feel) like our relationship has been great ever since -- even before that.

"He called me a few hours after (the trade) happened and we had a great talk and I (feel) like our relationship has been great ever since -- even before that."

Tim Tebow on his relationship with Mark Sanchez

"I think we have a better football team than people are giving us credit for," he said. "I also think our organization is a lot better than people are giving us credit for. The circus thing is kind of a little old for me. I think our record (28-20) says otherwise in the three years that we've been together."

Rex Ryan on people not giving the New York Jets credit

"Honestly, I have no expectations. I know I have to go out there and be prepared for anything and everything," he said. "People are going to watch who they’re going to watch. My thing is I expect more out of myself than anybody else expects out of me."

Austin Howard on his 2nd career start

A Moment In History: The "Heidi Game"

If you didn't manage to catch last weeks huddle, we went back to the horrific 'Fake Spike' event and the moment in history got a lot of good feedback on here, on twitter and on facebook. So we are going back to it today with another important game from the archives that involved our very own J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.

The 1968 season will be remembered for all the right reasons and you all know what they are. However earlier that season, the Jets were involved in a rather interesting and unprecedented incident while playing the Oakland Raiders on November 17th, both holding a 7-2 record.

The game was as close as you can get, with 1:05 remaining in the contest, Jets kicker Jim Turner booted a 26 yard field goal to give Gang Green a 32-19 lead. At this point NBC officials decided that instead of seeing out the final minute and five seconds, they would continue on schedule with their programming.....cutting the broadcast and playing Heidi, the Film.

It's only 1:05 left in the game, what could possibly have happened that would cause any uproar? how about Oakland scoring two touchdowns in the space of 42 seconds to give the Raiders the victory 43-32. The first touchdown a 43 yard pass from Daryle Lamonica to Charlie Smith, then a fumble recovery ran in for the score by Preston Ridlehuber.

Last Thoughts

First of all I would like to start this section by saying my thoughts are with Tulane safety Devon Walker who broke his neck and had to be revived on the field yesterday, he will need spinal surgery but the last report I saw was that he was in stable condition and that his life was never in danger. It just shows that as much as we build all these games up, we have to appreciate that this is a very dangerous sport and accidents like this can happen.

I also hope that you enjoyed the King Of The Tailgate feature we had this morning, I'm going to be trying my hand at these and some other recipes that we will have for you over the coming months. It's Jets football, which means it's a great excuse to drink, eat and just laze around in your Jets gear waiting for game to start. I've got 4-5 friends coming around to take in the Jets and then then 49'ers/Packers game, so enjoy your Sundays Gang Greeners.

The season is here, let's get some. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS