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Flight Connections 09-08-12

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Mike Sielski writes about how Rex Ryan can avoid a burnout.

Ian O'Connor believes Ryan's job is safer than Mike Tannenbaum's.

Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow seem to be getting along.

Mark says he wasn't rattled by the news of Tim's trade.

Joe McKnight hasn't talked about alleged violations while at USC.

Shonn Greene yet again is being counted on to carry the offense.

Austin Howard is looking forward to starting at right tackle tomorrow.

The Times writes about the recently cut and re-signed Marcus Dixon.

Damon Harrison's nickname is Big Snacks. Find out why in this article.

Josh Bush is an aspiring rapper.

Eric Allen previews the game.

CBS Sports previews the game.

Jets Insider previews the game.

NY Jets Draft breaks down the Jets defense vs. the Bill offense.

Rich Cimini wonders if the Jets will blitz Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Jets may finally run the Wildcat tomorrow.

The Jets might have to defend the Wildcat as well.

Newsday: Jonathan Vilma's and other New Orleans Saints' suspensions are vacated.

AP: A judge considers a collusion lawsuit against the NFL.

SBN: Your 2012 NFL announcers guide.

OSN: It's not too early to be pessimistic about the Cleveland Browns.

Santonio Holmes talks about family and more:

Chad Pennington talks about leading in completion percentage and more:

This is for you Big Dame fans out there: