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NY Jets v Buffalo Bills: Three Key Match-Ups

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So the weekend is here, and that meets it's a straight run to the New York Jets starting off their season. A game that we have been waiting nine months for, it's been a long summer with plenty to talk about, however it's great to actually get back to talking football. So I have three key match-ups that I will be focusing on this weekend and these match-ups need to go our way for us to come out victorious.

1) Mario Williams v Austin Howard

Talk about a baptism by fire for Howard in his 2nd career start. Mario Williams started just five games last season due to injury and he had 5 sacks. For a man of his size, he has all the tools including a speed rush that some of the very best tackles in the game would find hard to handle. It's a lot to ask Austin in his first start since 2010. I don't expect Howard to keep Mario quiet all afternoon, however if he can limit the damage and if Tony Sparano can get the TE to chip Mario on the way out or stay home to lend a hand, then we could get out of this match-up without too many issues. It's going to be an interesting one to watch all afternoon.

2) CJ Spiller v Jets Linebackers/Safeties

CJ is a dangerous player especially when you get him out in space. 561 yards rushing, 269 receiving yards last year and when he is split out or coming out of the backfield on a passing route, he is as dangerous as it gets. We have spoken a great deal about Bart Scott's limitations in coverage and if he gets matched up in space with CJ this could be dangerous as every time he gets the football he is a threat to take it to the house. I'm not too worried about him actually carrying the football, but receiving the football, consider me a little concerned.

3) Jets Receivers v Bills Cornerbacks

Buffalo have talented cornerbacks but they are extremely inexperienced. Aaron Williams a 2011 2nd round draft pick and Stephon Gilmore the Bills first round selection in 2012 will be matched up with Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill. I like Williams, I think he has talent but he was inconsistent last year and Gilmore will be making his first start of the season on Sunday. This is a weakness that the Jets should target and try to expose, I know we want to ground and pound and I do think we should set the foundation here but we should find success throwing the football to our two starting wideouts. If we can get the chains moving, I expect these young corners to bite on some play-action and Holmes and especially Hill can get behind the defence.