Our truly evil owner, and why his presence is detrimental to our franchise.

I wrote this as a comment, but after reading it through, I realize it should just be a FanPost. Please, all critiques and criticisms are truly welcome! Join me after the jump for the analysis.

The honest truth is that a lot of our problems can be attributed to our owner being too concerned with money over winning. As a result, he has Tannenbaum, a guy who's good with the cap but not the absolute best with evaluating talent. There's been a case every year since Rex has been coach. No, I'm not blaming Rex, because I think he's the best thing that's happened to the team in a VERY long time. But hear me out; every year there has been at least one case where the potential ticket sales have outweighed keeping or signing true talent, and these are simple examples of such:

1. In '09, trading up to draft Mark Sanchez. Personally, coming out of college I saw nothing special about Sanchez to warrant trading up to the 5th overall pick to draft him. Whether or not he's done enough to justify it yet is a story for another day. But the move definitely screams "Flashy over Smart."

2. In '10, after Thomas Jones has a career year, we cut him in favor of signing LT. I loved TJ. I think he was the perfect back for the system we ran at the time. LT was barely solid, and nowhere near spectacular for us. In contrast, TJ ran for 1402 yards and 14 touchdowns in his last year for us. That was second in the AFC, third in the NFL and he actually ran for more yards than MJD. If TJ was running behind the 2010 line, well... you do the math.

3. In '11, keeping Santonio over Braylon, and signing Plaxico Burress to take his place. Now, I know Braylon did something really stupid with that drunk driving arrest, but I felt like we could have signed him to a one year probationary deal. I felt like he had much better chemistry with Sanchez and as a result, Sanchez would have felt more comfortable going downfield. And as far as I can tell, Braylon was a model citizen IN THE LOCKER ROOM. But, that's just me... and as for the coup de grace,

Personally, I speculate that if you felt this move was purely to "help the team out," you're being naive. Sure, there's the added bonus of lighting a fire under Sanchez's complacent rear end, but there is NO WAY ON EARTH this move was made WITHOUT the idea of selling tickets. I like Tim Tebow, but to name him our second string quarterback? You mean to tell me, if Sanchez unfortunately goes down with an injury, that we essentially have Sanchez with a blindfold on? I mean, McElroy has certainly shown he's more capable of being our backup. Tebow was only named backup to calm his supporters and prevent them from rioting at JetLife stadium. "At least if Mark does terribly, Tim will surely start" I'm sure is their train of thought.

In essence, this is why we must rally support for Curtis Martin to purchase a controlling share in our beloved franchise, and wrest control from the evil clutches of Dollar-Eyed Woody.

Edit: This just in, our ticket prices are now the highest average in the NFL. If THAT'S not a sign of greed by Dollar-Eyed Woody, I don't know what is.

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