As Sunday is coming soon and we get to see our defense for real this time I getting very excited. I think the defense has been our biggest improvement to an already good defense but it has a chance to be very special.

Being a defensive guy I wanted the draft to be defensive heavy and with the additions of Landry and Bell the weakness now has become a good position and I hope for boderline great if Landry can stay healthy. Coples has proven so far that he belongs and I was in the Coples camp during the draft, I wanted this guy, Ellis has steped up big time, Wilkes is always improving, Pohua will be back strong and always steady Devito will be there to help. Our other back ups are pretty good, we are strong here. Dunbar is a blessing and I will enjoy what he has for us in the Dline. The LB's will look and get better with the Dline we have a as long as they play steady we'll be OK. Another strength is our corners with Revis and Cro. If our LB's play hard and overachieve watch out. I really wanted to strengthen our Defense as I still feel that a good defense will make everything better, even by giving our offense a lot more chances. Though I was please with the defensive draft I still thought they would address our RT issue more but they really didn't and left our hopes on a project player, a good one it seems though.

Our offense has been slower to get on board as expected but also by the injury bug we got with our WR's and Oline. Howard is our hope now and I hope he comes through and get better every week. If he needs some help I hope they give it to him, I'm glad Hunter is gone but the poor guy was left alone too much and too early and it might have hurt his confidence. I just have a minor concern with our Oline depth also. I have no doubt if we give Sanchez time he will show us what he can do and when the other teams know he can hurt them in the air it will also open up our running game. As we are considered to have not spectacular but steady back they needs hole to pound through. We do need Hill to step up and take some coverage away from Tone and for Kerley to work to middle. I amazed at the video of Clyde Gates and he is a work in progress but if this guy can get it together, he can run. Maybe not like the Cruz crack talked about but if close, good for us. I know there is still a debate on weather the Oline is fine or not and though I'm concerned about it, I'm also confident they will come through, they better because if not it could be a long season.

We do need this game, though a lost won't overall hurt us if we keep improving, a lose could rattle us a little and with got 3 of 4 tough games after that. A lot of people have pick the Bills over us but I don't see it, we took 5 in a row from them and have that edge. This game will give us time the jell as a team and get ready for Pitt then another tune up hopefully with the fins before we take on the 9ers and the Texans. I would like to see some Defensive domination as we give the ball back to the offense and say here get us some points.

Another important reason I wanted to improve our defense more than our offense is the 2 AFCC games that we lost. It was the defense that broke down in those 2 games. The first one against Indy we play an awesome 1st half had the lead, then Peyton tore us up in the 2nd half. We got our revenge the next year and put them away but then our defense broke down in the 1st half against Pitt, when our defense make mendenhall look like a HOF RB and we couldn't stop the run of all things. We dug ourselves such a big hole and our offense with Sanchez brought us back from the grave to a near victory. We almost stopped Big Ben late in the 4th qtr and got the ball back, darn it ended up close.

So here's to a good season of many hopes and dreams. Though I may not agree with everyone all the time, I always agree we have another season to look forward to and to see who steps up for us and though we may argue at times over our teams issues, WE ARE JETS. GO JETS!

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