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Flight Connections 09-07-12

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Sione Po'uha will not play on Sunday.

Woody Johnson supports his GM and head coach.

Rex Ryan believes that the Jets opponents better take them seriously.

Ryan will be animated on Nickelodeon.

CBS New York believes Ryan has no need to worry about job security.

Mike Tannenbaum put a percentage on Mark Sanchez's playing time.

Mike Westhoff is happy to have Tim Tebow on the team.

Austin Howard wants to make a name for himself. Not Howard Smith.

Dustin Keller looks okay to play.

Stephen Hill will be the first rookie receiver to start for Gang Green since Wayne Chrebet.

Bilal Powell has been impressive in the preseason.

Powell and Joe McKnight will both be number 2 on Sunday.

Aaron Maybin looks forward to facing his former team.

SNY shares video of an interview with Mayhem.

James Walker wonders if Gang Green can handle Mario Williams.

J.P. Pelzman shares a position breakdown.

JetNation previews the game.

ESPNNY previews the game.

NYJ OTP previews key battles.

The Star-Ledger previews the Wildcat.

The number 28 will be retired on Sunday in honor of Curtis Martin.

Jersey Jets Fan reviews a Tebow DVD.

Jets Twit is giving a book away.

Don't forget to check out the Pick 6 Fantasy Football.

SB Nation believes the Jets will lose eleven games.

SB Nation will have new logos for its blogs, including GGN.

Grantland shares honest logos for the NFL.

Huffington Post tells its readers what to look for during the NFL season.

The Daily News shares a literary guide to the NFL season.

servantofchrist likens the Sanchez-Holmes relationship to another pair of football players.

umohan21 wonders if our owner is truly evil. If he was, he would have melted at the presence of Tebow.

Crackback believes that the Jets offense does have weapons.

ocjet writes about the defensive and offensive squads.

Caeden attempts an unbiased analysis of the first five games.

darshv3 predicts the outcome of this season's Jets games.

WAP3 writes about being a sports fan.

Scott Salmon reminds us about the GGN rules.

And lastly, Joe Klecko looks forward to the new NFL season: