GGN Thread About Nothing #38 Let's All Go to the Lobby

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

This is the Gang Green Nation Thread About Nothing.

I'm your guest host, John B. The Thread About Nothing has become a cherished part of GGN. It has led to some great discussion and some great bonding. Unfortunately, we have seen some not so great things popping up lately pointed out by both staff and rank and file GGN members. Now nobody is pointing fingers. There is no one person responsible, and even mods and possibly even I have been guilty. So here's what we ask going forward.

  • The Thread About Nothing is not a place to complain about other members. If you have a fight with a member in another thread, this is not the place to vent about that member. If you had a run-in with a member two months ago, this is not the place to rehash what an idiot that person was. Even if you're not naming the person, something along the lines of, "I can't stand so many people on this site," is not appropriate.
  • This is not a place to complain about the site's administration. Our door is always open. We are always receptive to feedback. If you have an issue about how a moderator has acted, the venue to do that is e-mail. Complaining in public is not going to accomplish your goals.
  • What a moderator says goes. Don't argue with mods. And I'm not talking about football opinions. I'm not talking about movie opinions or cat opinions. We have a great group of mods. We hope you'll view them as friends. They are still in charge of running the site. Getting into a fight with them won't accomplish anything.
What else do you need to know about the Thread About Nothing? Well, as dabu might say...

As always, this is the place to come and chat about whatever it is you so desire so long as Bro Namath is cool with it. Talk tends to center around food, cats, TV/movies, other sports, clothing styles, what Bro hates, more food, more cats, myself and rtj having petty arguments and many other truly truly fascinating things. Sometimes we even talk about the Jets or football in general. We warmly welcome fans of other teams (as to date, we've been visited by Broncos, Steelers, Giants, Colts, Pats and Texans fans) and I promise we don't bite. Most of the time at least......

Other sites have random threads as well so feel free to join in good ol shenanigans on those sites as well

Jack-A-Thread (JAT) Off-Topic Activities (OTA) at Pats Pulpit: yeah, this is a pat fan thing. The guys there are nice as long as you check that "damn i hate you guys" attitude at the door. I agree it's a hard thing to do, so here are the others.

APC Open Threads at Acme Packing Company: Real friendly folks who welcome everyone. Headed up byOBrienSchofieldismyHero, a crazy Pack/Pats-loving writer of science fiction and lame jokes. Aaron Rodgers"belt dance" required for admission.

NFC East Eternal Threads (bEAST) at Bleeding Green Nation: They've been around for a while now, but sometimes their threads are a bit more spur of the moment and usually filled with pics and gifs of bouncing boobs. It's a place mostly for NFC East fans and guys with a lot of testosterone, but they'll take anyone with the guts to walk in the door.

Daytime Random Live Thread/Cool Kids Club (CKC) at The Phinsider: This is a daytime/nighttime kind of thing. The daytime thread is a little more PG and has a new thread every day. The nighttime thread is more clandestine and only occurs at random intervals and at random locations after hours and disappears by morning. Kind of like the interweb Fight Club for nerdy Dolphins fans. You just keep your fingers crossed and hope you get lucky. CKC was The First, the progenitor, like the Dracula or Blimpies of all off-topic, open threads everywhere (Google it). Bow down and show your respect.

Now, the rules:

The rules that we have on the rest of this site apply here also. This is a family site, so keep it relativity clean.

No links or gifs that are not allowed anywhere else on this site. Don't say you didn't know, you have been warned.

Don't troll anywhere else, and try to keep arguments to a minimum.

Don't bother other fans who might come here. Try to check your hate for their teams at the door. This a friendly thread, be friendly.

Rec this thread so it stays up. It would be kind of annoying to try an dig this up, so rec this.

When a new one of these comes up, un-rec the other one, so we don't have to many of these in the reccomended posts at one time.


We now end this special public service announc...(offstage whisper) Oh for God's....very well.

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