Sanchez and Santonio

The rift between Sanchez and Tone has been well documented. Tone even went as far as to tell the media that they need to give the team more 'support', even instigating that the media was a divisive force in the locker room drama last season. Well its about time Tone started talking some of his own medicine.

Rex has taken all the right steps in controlling the locker room and saying all the right things to the media to ensure there is not even the slightest hint of division, internally or through the eyes of public opinion. When you have Tebow on your team the microscope will be shining on you even more, so any juicy tidbit will be analyzed ad nauseum. Which is why i was so surprised by his comments about how "Sanchez was initially floored upon hearing about the Tebow trade". I don't care if this is your personal opinion, a 'comment of praise' about how Sanchez has handled the trade, that's something you keep in house!

The relationship between Sanchez and Santonio reminds me much of the relationship between Eli, and Shockey. At the time you had a young QB, trying to establish himself as the leader of the team, and at the same time you have an proven,established veteran with a penchant for running his mouth. The comparisons are legit in my opinion, and in the event that Tone doesn't shut his mouth, i think the Jets should follow suit, and trade Tone.

Some may argue that he is our only reliable weapon, agreed. However, in my opinion Santonio is a poor mans #1 WR. They may even take a step back over the course of a season if they decide to trade or cut him, but in the long run it pays dividends. Eli really didn't start to blossom until Shockey and his mouth left, and i could see the same thing happening with Sanchez. It would allow him to be the unquestioned leader of the locker room without getting his legs chopped off by his best offensive weapon.

Everyone points to his breakout season his first season with us. However at the time he was playing for a new contract, and now that he's got it, he seems to think that as the veteran wide receiver of the group it gives him cart-Blanche to run his mouth on anything he sees fit. I disagree however. And in order for Sanchez to take that next step he needs a few less chiefs, and some more Indians in the huddle.

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