game-by-game predictions for the Jets, and season landscape predictions

Pretty self-explanatory, let's do this.

1: Vs. Buffalo: I'll just get out of the way that I have an underlying bad feeling about this. Not sure why. I do think we win this game though. I expect Fred Jackson to come back to earth this season, and Stevie Johnson isn't going to be doing a whole lot on Revis Island. So yeah, their offense doesn't scare me. Their defense does look good in some areas, however. Kyle Williams and Marcel dareus make a pretty imposing wall up front, and they have pretty solid safeties too. I don't Consider Mario Williams to be the gamebreaker that a lot of others do, but he's still going to be a handful for Austin Howard. Although he's been against DeMarcus Ware and Charles Johnson before, so this shouldn't be TOO unfamiliar for him. Still, I expect at least a sack for Williams in this game. Mark Anderson doesn't scare me going against Brick. All that being said, I think we ground and pound up the middle, establishing that identity against their average linebackers, which then opens up the pass game, leading to a big day for Santonio Holmes against Stephon Gilmore. I like our odds this sunday.

Win,20-10 (1-0)

2. At Pittsburgh: Eh, this could go either way, methinks. Without a whole lot at RB, they probably won't run the ball on us particularly well, and I think Our Corners can take on their receivers. I think our new Safeties can also take on Heath Miller. So yeah, I think we got their offense covered. Their defense, as old as it is, is still pretty imposing. You've still got James Harrison and Lamarr Woodley to worry about, on top of Lawrence Timmons and the rest of their front seven, along with Troy Polamalu, Ike Taylor, and Ryan Clark back there. This could be a very defensive oriented battle where one little mistake could be all the difference between a win and a loss. I think the Key to winning this game is getting enough of a push up front to run the ball on them. However, since it's at their place, i'll give them the slight edge in this one. Oh, and also because Geeky would hurt me otherwise.

Loss, 13-10 (1-1)

3. At Miami: Don't have much to say here. They still have some good players on defense, but It's probably nothing we can't handle, especially now that they've lost Vontae Davis and Yeremiah Bell. Their offense has one dyamic playmaker in Reggie Bush, but just stack the box and you've got nothing at all to worry about. I'll take those one on one matchups between their receivers and our corners any day.

Win, 23-6 (2-1)

4. Vs San Fran: Pretty similar situation to Pittsburgh. Gonna be a really tough defensive b

attle where little mistakes can cost one team the game. The west coast-east coast advantage is nice, though. I think we can handle just about anyone on their offense, except for Vernon Davis, who I can foresee becoming an issue. It's gonna be really hard to move the ball on their defense, since they're talented and fast all around. I don't really like the odds in this one, so i'll give it to san fran.

Lose:10-6 (2-2)

5.Vs Houston: Once again, a defensive battle where little mistakes can make or break the game. The only person on their offense that really scares me is Arian Foster, and with our safeties and linebackers I think we can bottle him up pretty well. I feel like we can run the ball on this team better than we could against San Fran, though, so I think we can beat these guys. Andre Johnson and Arian Foster shouldn't be factors, and If Sanchez exploits guys like Kareem Jackson and Glover Quin, we can probably move the ball on them well enough. I'll give us this one, but I could still see it going the other way.

Win: 20-13 (3-2)

6. Vs Indianapolis: A rookie Quarterback versus a Rex Ryan defense...yum. I don't care how good of a prospect he is, I bet he hasn't seen a Rex Ryan defense before. Put that together with a somewhat suspect offensive line, and I think we can make this a really tough day for Lucky. I also think we can run the ball on this team pretty well, so I'm not too worried here.

Win: 28-10 (4-2)

7. New England: It's been a long time since we've beaten these guys here in the regular season, and honestly, I think it stays that way. I'm not particularly worried about their receivers or their running backs, but those Tight Ends are another story. I don't think it'll be quite as bad as last year with our new safeties and interior rushing power, but I don't quite think we can get it done today.

Lose: 28-20 (4-3)

8. Vs. Miami: They didn't have an answer for us earlier in the season, I don't expect that to change.

Win: 21-10 (5-3)

9. At Seattle: Hm, this is a tricky one. On paper, it looks like another really tight defensive battle, similar to San Fran, Pitt, and Houston, which is probably what it's going end up being. Their defensive personnel is really good, and shouldn't be taken lightly, so I don't think our offense manages to accomplish a whole lot. I think we can take on Marshawn Lynch well enough, and we can probably take on their receivers too. Russell Wilson's feet could be an issue, though. I'll give this one to the seahawks, because of the distance and home-field advantage for them.

Lose: 16-10 (5-4)

10. At St. Louis: So, we get to go against the Likes of Schotty, Wayne Hunter, and Matt Mulligan...damn, I wish this was a home game. Anyway, I don't their offense scares anyone, save for steven jackson, and they have the infamous Brian Schottenheimer in charge, so that shouldn't be a problem. Their defensive personnel has certainly gotten a lot better, but I don't think they'll stop us.

Win: 24-3 (6-4)

11: Vs New England: Okay, so I didn't give us the earlier one, but I think this team comes through on thanksgiving night for the second confrontation. Rex and Mike pull off all the stops, and don't let New England run over them for the 4th time in a row, while Sanchez lights the meadowlands on fire, throwing 4 touchdowns against their suspect secondary. Okay, Maybe that's just my Homer-ness, but I think we're good enough to split with them, regardless.

Win: 35-17 (7-4)

12. Vs. Arizona: Their defensive and offensive personnel are actually deceptively good. A lot of under-the radar guys that are actually pretty good players. Still, they have to come all the way here, and I don't think John Skelton beats a Rex Ryan defense. Fitzgerald vs. Revis is gonna be sick. I think we get this win.

Win: 20-14 (8-4)

13. at jacksonville: Well, their receivers have definitely gotten significantly better in the off-season, and they still have MJD, plus I think Gabbert actually has a solid season. So this may not be quite the cakewalk that it looks like, given their underrated defense to go along with all that. Still, it shouldn't be too hard of a game to win, since I think our personnel is just better as a whole.

Win: 23-14 (9-4)

14. at Tennessee: We get to feast on another inexperienced quarterback here, but this game actually kinda concerns me. If you look at their Offensive Personnel, they start off with a good O-line, and then Have a pretty big fast Tight end in Jared Cook who can block, CJ2K who I think is gonna bounce back (he better, anyway, he's on both my fantasy teams), Kenny Britt, who has immense physical talent, Kendall Wright, who's also very explosive, and Nate Washington, who quietly broke 1000 receiving yards last year. Put that together with Locker's Arm Strength, Mobility, and general playmaking skills, and I think this is a potentially devastating offense to deal with. I don't know much about their defense, honestly, but we're not gonna win every game that we're supposed to in all realism, so i'll give it to them.

Lose: 28-17 (9-5)

15. Vs. San Diego: I really hope this game doesn't get flexed out, I love Sunday Night football. I don't think it will though. Anyway, on paper we match up really well with this team, since our secondary is built to stop their high-flying vertical attack, and we have the front seven to shut down Ryan Mathews. We can also run the Ball on them, as Shonn Greene had 2 of his best games against this team. That being said, the Chargers inexplicably seem to turn it on at this time of year, blowing out the ravens at the same time a season ago when they were very much the underdogs in that game. I don't think they beat us quite that bad, but I think they get the win because of the time of year that it is. And like I said, in all realism, we're gonna lose some games that we don't expect to lose.

Lose: 30-21 (9-6)

16. At Buffalo: Well, it's all on the line now. It's the last week of the season and this team can get into the playoffs with a win. Buffalo has already been mathematically eliminated, and they're just playing for pride, but they come out swinging. Either way, I still think we're better than this team, like we were during the first game, and I think we ground and pound them to a loss in the cold weather, although because of said cold weather and home-field advantage, I think it's a close one. We win and make the Playoffs, shutting up all the critics...kind of. By the way, at no time during the season does Tebow start a game in this projection.

Win: 21-17 (10-6)

Playoff Bracket:


1. Baltimore: 12-4

2. New England: 12-4

3. San Diego: 11-5

4. Tennessee:11-5

5. Houston: 11-5

6. New York:10-6


1. Green Bay: 13-3

2. Philadelphia:12-4

3. San Fran: 11-5

4. Carolina: 10-6

5.Dallas: 10-6

6. Seattle: 10-6

Playoff games:

Wildcard: at San diego: A rematch of the Divisional round of the 2009 playoffs, in which we pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the year. Once again, this team is picked as the underdog, but Mark Sanchez and co. return to playoff form and pick apart the average chargers Secondary,while the defense goes into beast-mode and plays lights-out, getting the win on the road, and Sanchez tying Eli Manning for the most road playoff wins by a QB

Win: 24-10

Divisional Round: at Baltimore: As much as I hate to admit it, I think the run ends here. Baltimore's defense proves to be too much for the offense to handle, and while the Ravens only score 1 touchdown, a fumble by the offense brought back for a touchdown ends the game in the 4th quarter. Still, it proves to be a good run given the outside expectations for the team prior the season.

Lose: 17-6

your thoughts, everyone?

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