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Open GameThread: DAL @ NYG

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Hi! My name is Scott, what's your name?
Hi! My name is Scott, what's your name?

Football! Woo! USA! USA! USA! Just kidding. But seriously, football is officially back. And you know what that means?

It's time to partay! Or in this case, watch the cross-town New York Giants take on the Dallas Cowboys in our beloved JetLife Stadium. Use this thread to laugh at Tony Romo's inexplicable talent at failing on the big stage, Eli Manning's mouth-breathing, or just vent about the replacement refs. Feel free to take a peek at and make fun of Eli Manning for that as well.

Enjoy the game, because soon enough, the New York Jets will be playing. Standard GameThread rules apply. Limit your cursing, no illegal streams, no Irish jig-dancing (I'm looking at you, Tinley).

But most importantly, FOOTBALL IS BACK EVERYONE.