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Former Jets Revolving Door & Current Rams Revolving Door Speaks Out About Jets Fans

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What we like to call a Wayne Hunter Protection Special
What we like to call a Wayne Hunter Protection Special

Players who leave the Jets seem to want to talk, talk a lot. The nightmares that Wayne Hunter gave us all, and in particular Mark Sanchez have barely faded however he is back with some words about me and you.....Jets Fans:

"They're like sharks," Hunter told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "They let you know (how they feel) right off the bat. And even if you're doing good, they may just not like you for the heck of it. It's brutal over there. Those fans, they know what they want and they pretty much demand it. So if you don't give it to them, they'll let you know."

This is 50% rubbish and 50% correct. When Hunter was doing well in the Jumbo package he got a lot of love from fans and the media. He may not remember that as he has been completely ripped for the best part of 16 months. However you need to have a thick skin, the simple fact for Hunter is he was a career back-up for a reason. He simply is not good enough to play as a starting tackle in this league.

He had severe issues with a lot of things, his footwork and his hand placement were terrible. His recognition and speed were below average. He would give up a sack and then laugh in the that something that St Louis fans will accept? I hope not, and we certainly were not going to do it. If you have a bad game and you catch continuous stick then that is harsh. If you are one of if not the worst starting right tackle in the league and perform consistently poor for an entire season, well you're going to get some stick and rightfully so.

Lets bottom line it, Wayne Hunter will not miss New York, New York will not miss Wayne Hunter. Good luck in St Louis.