The Offense Doesn't Have Any Weapons? Smack Yo'self

Thank you thank you thank you to all those who helped me learn French this summer. There's a notion going around that our offense has no weapons. Since our offense wasn't able to score a TD during the preseason (!!!) this notion has been floated out there and has reverberated through the echo chamber of idiocy. I don't know the moron that penned it first, nor do I know the mindless parrots that repeat it. But before you let this nonsense creep into your mind, stop for a second and smack yo'self. We are littered with weapons all over the place, all of which can hurt you if you leave them in solo coverage. Are you really going to leave Dustin Keller in the hands of a linebacker and not worry about him? No, of course not. He's going to be bracketed for most of the game. Are you really going to let your corner go Revis on Santonio Holmes? No, of course not. He too is going to draw extra help on just about every snap. Stephen Hill is a rookie, and he wouldn't be much cause for concern if he was a primary option of a passing attack. But as a third option, he's a lot to worry about. His speed lets him threaten the top of a defense, his size makes him tough to deal with in even good coverage. Do you really want to let your corner go Revis style on Hill? No, of course you don't. And this is just the base part of the passing attack. 3 guys, all of whom can mess you up bad if you leave them solo. Yet the notion of us having no weapons is what reverberates through the echo chamber. Excuse me... Pardon my french, but WTF are you people talking about?!?!?!

There's been a lot of consternation over Tony Sparano as OC and the type of system that he will instill, from myself included. I will tell you one thing, though. We WILL be able to run the ball. Last year, with a crap o-line down in Miami, the diminutive Reggie Bush banged his way between the tackles to the tune of 5.0 per carry and over a thousand yards. I'm no fan of Shonn Greene, but if Reggie can do it then Shonn can do it too. The power run game will yield yardage. Sprinkle in in some Tebow and viola... you have a recipe for Ground and Pound.

Of course, none of any of this means squat if the QB stinks. Last year, by almost all accounts, the offense was abysmal. Yet we averaged about 24 pts per game, Sanchez through for over 3400 yards and 26 TDs. Sanchez wasn't fantastic, but he did improve. Assuming he continues to improve, I'm expecting the points to go up and the turnovers to go down. I think we'll average over 25 points per contest. And I think that spotting our defense 25 or more points is going to lead to a lot of wins.

So thank you thank you thank you to all of you that helped me learn french this summer. Smack yo'self.

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