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NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Style

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If you hate ESPN, and let's be perfectly honest......a lot of people do, then please look away now.

At the end of the day however, we need to look at stories from all angles. So now with pre-season down and week one just over 24 hours away from starting.....we have our complete guess work rankings from ESPN:

Last Week: 20
The offense didn't inspire confidence with one touchdown in a winless preseason. (Hensley)

At the end of the day, we'll do the talking on the field. However we rank in the middle of the pack, towards the bottom end of average. Buffalo come just ahead of us at #19, the Patriots are just behind the Packers at #2 and Miami is down at #27. I still don't see how Buffalo are above us, but it's ESPN so nothing surprises me.

Personally I would put the Browns below the Colts, and put the Panthers higher than #22. Bears are way too high at #8 for my money. Like I said it's all guess work, but I always like to just take a quick glance anyway.