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Flight Connections 09-04-12

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Ggnfc10b_medium Rex Ryan can't imagine being fired by the New York Jets.

New York Post: It's on Ryan if the Jets' offense can't get flyin'.

Buffalo Rumblings: Rex versus Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Conor Orr: Ryan says that the Jets never had plans to cut John Conner.

J.P. Pelzman: Rex clarifies his statement about Stephen Hill. He woudn't need to clarify if people actually read.

John Holt: For Clyde Gates, the Miami door closes but the Jets door opens.

Rich Cimini: The Jets welcome Mark Sanchez's boyhood friend Konrad Reuland.

Dennis Waszak Jr.: The Jets are facing plenty of questions entering the season.

Eric Allen: Game 1 is huge for the Jets.

Kristian Dyer: Tim Tebow and the Wildcat are the talk of Jets camp again.

Kimberley A. Martin: The Jets will run and face the Wildcat against the Buffalo Bills.

Conor Orr: Even the Jets' defensive players are curious to see how the Wildcat offense works.

James Walker: The Bills stuffed Tebow in their previous meeting.

Brian Costello: The Jets defense and the Tebow twist will put them back in the playoffs.

Mike Vaccaro: Clown-car Jets can upgrade to VIP ride.

USA Today: Tebow says he tries to tune everything out.

NYJets 101: Greg McElroy is the Jets' underrated treasure.

Conor Orr: Sione Po'uha and Mike DeVito plan to play on Sunday.

Rich Cimini: Calvin Pace says that replacement refs are unfair to everyone.

Star-Ledger: Damon Harrison reminds himself that he can be cut at any moment.

JetNation: The Jets worked out former Texans rookie LB D.J. Bryant.

Pro Football Talk: Team-by-team cap space as of yesterday. They calculate the Jets to be $8.1 million under the cap.

Jim Leonhard's blog site is now Bronco Jimmy, formerly Jimmy and the Jets.

Baltimore Sun: As fullbacks become increasingly rare, the Ravens' Vonta Leach stays relevant.

Shutdown Corner: Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry used poetry and screenwriting to help him through a lost 2011 season. He better not steal any of my ideas, like the one about the football player who wrote poems when he was injured.

Shutdown Corner: Old Navy mistakenly gives 1961 championship to a non-existent team in a non-existent conference.

PFT: Gap between the NFL and officials is as much as $70 million.

SBN: The greatest game day sign ever made.

OSN: The Chiefs realize that QB Brady Quinn received "Frog and Toad are Friends" instead of the playbook.

Awful Announcing: Kent State player returns punt the wrong way.

And lastly, here is an interview with former Jets RB Bruce Harper: