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Santonio Wants Yardage To Be Added To Stats for Penalties

Santonio Wants Some Help To Get His Stats Up

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Personally I don't tend to really pay too much attention to what Santonio Holmes says, as long as he is helping us win on a Sunday then that is all that matters. Unfortunately he says some pretty dumb stuff, he does some pretty dumb stuff and that's why the Jets have limited his media availability this year. It's a great decision in my mind, but even once a week allows him to put his foot in it.

Some people will look at this and say who cares, that's fine! but something about this quote really rubbed me the wrong way:

Santonio Holmes is drawing more flags this year, but he wishes they would help out his stats. The receiver credited WR coach Sanjay Lal with making him quicker — which causes defenders to commit more fouls, but said he wanted the penalty yardage added to his receiving numbers.

"When you’re catching the ball in the end zone and you get a flag drawn, you don’t want a running back on the 1-yard line stealing your touchdown," Holmes said.

Maybe I'm reading just a little too much into this, however I've always thought of Santonio as a 'Me' type guy. Someone who's more interested in his own stat line than he is about the team winning. There are some guys out there that only care about one thing, and that is winning and if they get one or two touches a game, well that's absolutely fine.

Santonio should be delighted about the amount of Flags he is getting, the amount of yardage he is picking up despite it not showing on his stat line. If he draws a flag and the ball gets placed at the 1 yard line, that's a job well done. The touchdown isn't worth any more points despite who scores it. Hell if he performs, who cares! However i think it's just my nature to wish all guys were selfless team guys, things like this really get to me.