Dustin Keller and the 3-Wide Jumbo

Dustin Keller Highlights [Jets] (via WhoSaidDatt)

Dustin Keller is one of the most talented, yet most frustrating players on the team. And its exactly that talent that causes the frustration. Its time that we unlock it. Lets stop the tomfoolery of trying to make him an in-line blocker. He's not, and he's never going to be. Lets do like Parcells says and find out what he can do, and use it to our advantage. What he can do is create match-up advantages. He's big enough to out-muscle DBs, and he's agile enough to out-maneuver LBs. So lets use more jumbo sets, and let Keller's role be that of a WR/H-back. That way we can move him around and accentuate the advantages that present themselves.

By going jumbo and bringing in another OL to basically play the TE position, we give ourselves extra leverage in the run game. We can use the extra OL to create more push, while working Keller from the strong side and letting him take on a safety or LB at the second level rather than having him try to push a DL off his spot. The defense can react by either staying in their base or they can match our jumbo with a jumbo of their own and bring out either a DL for an LB or and LB for a DB. But either way, Keller's athleticism allows us to split him out wide and cause major headaches for our opponents.

Lets say we go jumbo, using an OL to play TE, and then give a 3-wide look with Hill wide left and Tone slot left with Keller wide right. How do you defend that? Do you keep a corner on Keller and try to handle Tone with a bracket using an LB and a safety? I'll take that. I think Tone would eat that alive all day. Do keep your traditional corners on our traditional WRs and send an LB out wide with Keller with safety help over top? I'll take that too. It gives us a ton of leverage in the power run game. We can just use our jumbo OL to double at the point of attack and pull Slauson through against a really light box. Are you gonna send a safety out there on Keller solo? I'll take that too. How many safeties have the ability to go Revis technique on Keller? None.

Now if we had a RB that was badass and that could run with power and with wiggle, this personnel group would be hellacious.

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