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What The New York Jets Can Learn From The Alabama Crimson Tide's Opening Victory


It was the marquee match-up in college football this weekend, the #2 Crimson Tide taking on the #8 Michigan Wolverines in Cowboys Stadium. As an avid college football fan and as a fan of anything southern when it comes to the college game, this was a match-up that I couldn't wait to see.

Going into the game I had very little doubt that the Crimson Tide would come our victorious, however the manner in which they won surprised me. Alabama jumped out to a 31 point lead before taking their foot off the gas and allowing the Wolverines to put some points on the board.

Alabama lost a lot of talent to the NFL this off-season however they reloaded and put to bed any qualms that they had fallen from the very elite in college football. How did they do it? superior talent yes....but also they were disciplined and they did not shoot themselves in the foot.

Here are the key stats from that game. 0 Turnovers, 55 yards in penalties and only two plays of over 25 yards allowed. The Tide ran and ran, mixed in some play-action and had a defence that kept the play in front of them. I have very little doubt that if the Jets don't turn the ball over, keep relatively disciplined and don't allow many big plays.....we'll come away with more victories than losses.

I know the college game and the pro game are different worlds, however Alabama run a very pro style program. The keys to success in football are similar at all levels. We have a defence that is capable of keeping the play in front of them and bending but not breaking. Limiting turnovers is always going to be important for these Jets, Alabama showed perfectly how to win football games.