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Week 1 College Stock Report

August 31, 2012; East Lansing, MI, USA; Boise State Broncos linebacker Tommy Smith (33) tackles Michigan State Spartans tight end Dion Sims (80) during the first quarter at Spartan Stadium.    Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-US PRESSWIRE
August 31, 2012; East Lansing, MI, USA; Boise State Broncos linebacker Tommy Smith (33) tackles Michigan State Spartans tight end Dion Sims (80) during the first quarter at Spartan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-US PRESSWIRE

I plan on making a weekly post, and then every other week, I will be making a "Big Board." I can't watch every game on due to DVR restrictions, and time constraints. I will try and hit on all the games with a the majority of college talent we could use next year. I will only be covering positions of need. If our needs change over the course of the year, I will add players at those positions. If any of you guys have any suggestions for future posts, please voice your thoughts.

Braden Hansen- OG, BYU- Stock (^)

I liked what I saw from the senior left guard. For much of the 1st half, Hansen and the BYU offense dominated the WSU Cougars. Braden used his size very well against bull rushes, and also to push D-linemen around in the run game. Hansen showed good reaction speed while passing off blocks, and picking up free rushers. At one point Braden was met with two pass rushers, and handled them both admirably, by himself. My only complaint is that Braden seemed to go a little off balance at times, and was on the ground a lot. GGM Round Prediction: Late 4th

Le'Veon Bell- RB, Michigan State- Stock (^)

It feels good to be able to sight a talent a year before anyone knows anything about him. I loved watching Bell run over the competition last year, and he continued this in week 1. Bell was pretty much all the offense MSU had to offer. The QB showed very little poise under pressure, so Bell was pretty much in on every single play. Bell is a very large RB, but don't think he is as limited as other big backs. Bell is very elusive for someone his size. You could have him dead to rights, and then all of a sudden, he spins away, or changes direction. You would also be a fool to try and tackle him alone. If you are foolish enough to try, he will drag you for 3 more yards. Bell also has very good hands for a RB, and is a big 3rd down weapon. I would love to see Bell continue to wear green and white in the pros. GGM Round Prediction: Late 2nd

Kenjon Barner- RB, Oregon- Stock (^)

This is looking like it will be a very deep draft for RBs. Barner is just one of many RBs that really impressed me in week one. Unfortunately Oregon was so good, that starters were out of the game by the 2nd QTR. In 9 rushes he went 66 yards for 2 TDs. He is that speedy playmaker we could use if McKnight isn't going to be the guy. He would be a very good 3rd down back, or change of pace kind of guy. GGM Round Prediction: Early 4th

Dion Jordan- OLB/DE, Oregon- Stock (v)

Dion Jordan has a huge ceiling, and could be a very good tweener. The facts are though, he is very raw. He will need the time and coaching to become the pass rusher we need. I personally don't really like big project players before the 5th round. Unfortunately, I am sure some scouts will pump up his stock. GGM Round Prediction: Mid 4th

John Boyett- S, Oregon- Stock (^)

John is an under sized safety who reminds me a lot of Jim Leonhard. He is very scrappy, and will fight his way to being successful. I saw him getting in on a bunch of gang tackles, but his shining moment was an INT off of an over throw. He put himself in the perfect position to make a play, and he did. Since we didn't bring back Jim Leonhard, I have a feeling Rex wants to go away from the undersized safeties who aren't blood thirsty killers like Bell and Landry. GGM Round Prediction: Mid 5th

Dexter McCoil- S, Tulsa (v)

I really liked Dexter last season. I saw a big safety that had good ball skills, and great range. Unfortunately I didn't see a lot of good out of him on Saturday. I saw a really tall safety that was slow to everything. McCoil was slow to recognize plays, and also slow to get to the plays. He was always 4 steps late getting to the ball carrier. He didn't look half bad in pass coverage, but I feel like Rex is asking a lot more from his safeties. Dexter is going to need to show me more if he wants to be drafted before the 6th round. GGM Round Prediction: Mid 6th

Vaughn Telemaque- S, Miami (v)

With Ray Ray Armstrong taking all the publicity last year, Vaughn quietly had a good year. With Ray Ray now off the team, this was Vaughn's chance to take charge and get his name out there. If this 1st game is any indication, Telemaque needs more time. I couldn't tell if the scheme was flawed or just his play. It seemed like every play, he would back pedal about 30 yards down the field, and then give up a 25 yard play in front of him. Sure, he didn't let anyone behind him, but those giant chunks of yards were just as deadly. He never really went one on one with anyone, so it was hard to judge his coverage skills. Being 30 yards down the field also pretty much made him useless against the run. In Miami's next game, Vaughn will need to show a lot more than I saw this week if he wants to be drafted. GGM Round Prediction: Late 6th

Andre Ellington- RB, Clemson (^)

Andre Ellington really impressed me against Auburn. I don't think I saw any negatives to his game. He has the grit and power to run it between the tackles and pick up the tough yards. He has the speed and quickness to bang it outside, and dominate the edge. What impressed me the most was Andre's balance and ability to make a short gain into a huge play. I counted two times where he was dead to rights, and kept his balance to spring for big plays. Ellington can be an X-factor at the next level. GGM Round Prediction: Early 3rd

Philip Lutzenkirchen- TE, Auburn (^)

I can't pronounce his name, or spell it correctly, but Philip Whatever is exactly what we need at TE. Phill has the unique ability to run block like Vlad, and has the hands and size of Gronk. He might not be as fast as Gronk, but I will take him as he is. It's very rare to find a TE that can do it all, but Philip can. If we want to have a dominant ground and pound offense, a TE like this is exactly what we need. GGM Round Prediction: Mid 2nd

Corey Lemonier- DE/OLB, Auburn (^)

We might be heading in the direction of a 4-3 defense, but Rex will never totally get rid of the 3-4. We still don't really have a 3 down OLBer. Lemonier looked decent against Clemson. He has a lot of quickness, and great inside move. He got multiple pressures on the QB, and even a sack. I counted at least 2 holds that weren't called, but he beat his man bad. If he can improve against the run, he would be a promising option for that OLBer position. GGM Round Prediction: Mid 3rd