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Are We Underrating Mark Sanchez?

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Today we take a look at an article discussing whether or not Mark Sanchez has been unfairly criticized so far this season.

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I found this awesome article here which talks about Mark Sanchez and why lazy analysis has colored and skewed our perception of Sanchez thus far this season. In short, analysis has consisted of this gem by Rich Cimini:

Through three games, Sanchez's completion percentage is 50.5, the worst in the league and the worst start of his career.

Well, game over. Let's pack it in for a season. Nah, I jest. I encourage you to take a full look at the article I linked to above, but the short of it is that Sanchez's receivers are failing him by running sloppy routes and dropping an insurmountable number of balls. Sanchez, meanwhile, is for most part reading the plays correctly and avoiding the rush exceptionally well. He isn't carrying the team yet, but he's doing everything he can so far. He hasn't been perfect, that's for absolutely sure, and he's certainly made some dumb throws but he's been doing better than a cursory look would otherwise suggest.

Now, don't get me wrong, our receivers have a massive amount of potential. Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley have all the tools to be some serious playmakers, in addition to the proven playmaker we have in Santonio Holmes. Once we get Dustin Keller back, we'll have another tool at Sanchez's disposal. It's up to them now to step up their game and match Sanchez's as they did against the Buffalo Bills. And if they do, then look out San Francisco, because we might a hard rock to stop once we get rolling.