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Coors Light Reason To Celebrate: Nick Folk

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We look at who came out of the ugly Jets@Dolphins game smelling of roses!

Joel Auerbach - Getty Images

Kickers are football players too, and as such they deserve a little love. Nick Folk has been a good kicker for us and has been 'clutch' when the occasion has called for it. I was one of 'those guys' calling for the head of Mike T when he let Jay Feely go to sign a player who's leg strength seemed to have disappeared, however when it is good for the Jets I'm always more than happy to be proved wrong.

So when we come to look at the Jets and Dolphins game there were two obvious choices. Nick Folk or Santonio Holmes. I debated it for a few minutes, however I think there is much more chance we see Santonio back on this list further down the line than there is Nick Folk, so in an effort to spread the you go Nick.

Yes we acknowledge that your first attempt was blocked and your blushes were saved by an over eager time-out in attempt to freeze you. However we also know that you knew that, you had the situation under control and as rivals you wanted to play with them just a little bit more before you slammed that 33 yard attempt through the uprights.

You are 6-6 on the season and haven't faltered in your kick-offs. You did what Dan Carpenter could not do and you won us the game. It's really as simple as that. In what was an ugly contest of epic proportions, we have had some stinkers over the year but that was one of the least enjoyable games I have seen for a long time....well you for the job done.

Week 1 Winner: Mark Sanchez

Week 2 Winner: Garrett McIntyre

Week 3 Winner: Nick Folk