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Flight Connections 09-26-12

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Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

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Good morning, Gang Green Gangsters! How are you enjoying United so far? Please let us know in the comments. But please make sure to let them know at SB Nation as well. I'm sure they will take your input into consideration. Personaly, I miss the block quotes and the sarcasm font, and I think we need more green around here. Anyways, here are your Jets links for today...

Kimberley A. Martin: Rex Ryan must adjust to compensate for the loss of Darrelle Revis.

J.P. Pelzman: The Jets go to plan B with no Revis.

Eric Allen: It is time to rally without Revis.

Conor Orr: Reggie Bush says that the Jets deserved the injury to Revis.

James Walker: Maurice Jones-Drew uses Revis' contract situation as an example.

Manish Mehta: The injury could lead the Jets to low ball and possibly lose him to free agency.

ESPN Stats & Info: Revis' value makes him tough to replace.

SB Nation New York: Are the Jets done without their best player?

Brian Costello: The Revis loss puts the season on Mike Tannenbaum, Antonio Cromartie and Shonn Greene.

Conor Orr: Greene is unbothered about losing playing time.

Jets Insider: Is a change at running back in order?

Battle Red Blog: Houston Texans fans are bummed that RB Jonathan Grimes is now a Jet. Thanks to those guys for giving us info on Grimey.

Kimberley A. Martin: Struggling Mark Sanchez knows he must step up. Deja vu. I feel like I've read that headline before. For over three years.

Kimberley A. Martin: D'Brickashaw Ferguson returns to Freeport school roots and says that replacement refs are affecting everybody.

Mike Sielski: Santonio Holmes is the Jets' best player and also their biggest headache.

Rich Cimini: The drive of the game is Jeremy Kerley's touchdown.

Jets Twit: Stephen Hill tweets that he gives it 100%.

John Holt: Kyle Wilson, AHA and Kinect for XBox begin the Jets Play 60 Challenge.

Randy Lange: Outstanding field position helped the cause on Sunday.

Conor Orr reviews the Miami game.

Rich Cimini looks back to the Miami game.

Rich Cimini looks ahead to the 49ers game.

J.P. Pelzman looks ahead to the 49ers game.

Niners Nation looks ahead to the game.

JetNation grades the Jets.

The Jet Press grades the Jets.

The Record grades the Jets.

ESPN New York grades the Jets.

Judy Battista: Roger Goodell is caught between bad calls and owners.

Art Stapleton: The NFL is a joke, and that's not funny. It all adds up to a funky situation, so get up, get get get down because the NFL is a joke in your town.

Rich Cimini: Vinny Testaverde knows about phantom TDs in games involving the Seattle Seahawks.

Jim Corbett: The replacement ref who called the TD wasn't ready for Division I.

Washington Post: Bill Clinton would not have called the last play the way they did. Did George W. Bush say they're doing a heckuva job yet? Okay, okay, no politics.

CBS New York: NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney moves to ban sporting events with replacement officials. How Ayn Rand is wrecking football.