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Flight Connections 09-25-12

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Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

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Conor Orr: Darrelle Revis has a torn ACL in his left knee, and the Jets have no choice but to move on.

Steve Politi: Without Revis, it's up to Rex Ryan to keep the Jets competitive.

Gary Myers: The Revis injury puts pressure on Ryan to rally the defense.

Ryan Alfieri: The time is now for Rex to shine.

Mike Lupica: If the Jets are a true playoff team, they'll make it without Revis.

James Walker: The Jets won't survive losing Revis.

Jane McManus: Revis took a costly leap of faith.

Tara Sullivan: With Revis gone, so is the Jets' identity.

Bob Glauber: Things just got tougher for the Jets and the defense.

Kristian Dyer: The Jets plan to replace Revis with a team effort.

John Holt: Teammates come to grips with losing number 24. The Revis injury will expose the Jets' lacking pass rush.

Jets Twit: Darrelle tweets Jets fans after his ACL injury.

Steve Serby: Kyle Wilson will need to fill the void.

Seth Walder: Wilson is confident that he can succeed.

Brian Costello: Two days after his release, Bryan Thomas is re-signed by the Jets.

Randy Lange: Calvin Pace clarifies his postgame remark on Reggie Bush.

J.P. Pelzman: It was a happy homecoming for Yeremiah Bell.

Mike Vorkunov: Mark Sanchez praises Santonio Holmes but told him to remember how hard he worked in practice.

NYJ OTP: Holmes is a villain turned hero.

CBS New York: Sanchez can no longer be this reluctant leader.

ESPN New York: Stephen Hill may be out, too.

ESPN New York: Rex says that the Jets RBs left yards on the field.

Yahoo!: Bilal Powell is ascending in New York.

Jeff Freier: Thanks, Miami, for all the wins.

Will Leitch: The Jets do everything wrong, except lose.

Mercury News: Randy Moss and Vernon Davis were dismayed over the season-ending injury to Revis.

Associated Press: The 49ers are hoping that a week in Ohio will make them closer as a team.

New York Times: NFL coaches can't hide their frustration with replacement officials.

The Fifth Down: A fiasco to end the referee fiasco?

OSN: Steve Young suffers a concussion trying to explain the final call in the Packers-Seahawks game.

Michael Silver: The NFL must put an end to the farce with replacement refs.

Doug Farrar: Bill Belichick puts his hands on an official and can expect serious repercussions.

Associated Press: Brandon Marshall fires back at Warren Sapp for his "retard" comment.

Deadspin: Greg Schiano doesn't care about Myron Lewis's balls. He is like a honey badger. Greg Schiano don't care.

SB Nation: John Abraham has been arrested.

And here is the latest episode of the JETway with Dan Vollmayer: