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Now What?

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There are innocent 3 letter combinations like "Lol" or "brb." Then there are other 3 letter combinations that strike fear into the hearts of all football fans. Those letter combinations are ACL and MCL. I think if anyone asked what is the worst thing that could have happened to the Jets, losing Revis to an ACL injury would be at the top of the list. Well now that the worst has happened, now what?

Even with Revis, our defense wasn't exactly playing up to par. We have been gashed continuously on the ground. When it comes to getting big stops, those have been nonexistent as well. This was a slightly above AVG defense at best. Now that we are without Revis for the rest of the season, things look very dire on D. I know that Rex is a big defensive guy, but he might have his hands full here. Other than Revis, there really isn't anyone else to be scared of on this defense. Our pass rush is still nowhere to be found.

With very little to be excited about on defense, the only hope the 2012 Jets have is on offense. I know the idea of relying on our offense seems like a lost cause, but it is all we have, The ground and pound is dead. Greene is not the back we need. Powell and McKnight have not been used enough at all. This will hopefully change very soon. Our last resort is through the air. Both Holmes and Kerley had very good games. Hill is still young, and learning. I have high hopes for him in the future. Once he comes into his own, this receiving group will be deadly.

Last year we tried to go to the pass, and failed miserably. I feel this has a lot to do with Hunter, and also Mark. Now that Howard has come in, and looked serviceable. We can go to the air more and more. Mark needs to keep chucking it, and hopefully he will hit a groove. Either way, Mark Sanchez, and the passing game need to take center stage. This is your team Mark, not Revis'. Grab your teammates, bring them together, and put them on your back. Don't worry Mark... no pressure.