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Roster Moves

by Scott Salmon


I have decided to name today The Day The Music Died. The music, of course, is the sweet, sweet sound of a cool breeze on Revis Island, devoid of any wide receiver activity.

But, in other news, the New York Jets are makin' moves... and they're coming in fast and furious. The first move is the re-signing of OLB Bryan Thomas, who is likely to play this coming Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. The second is the cutting of DL Marcus Dixon. I was sad to see Dixon go the first time, but not any more. He's been pretty terrible the last few weeks. Hopefully this means more Quinton Coples.

Next, we have just received word that WR Patrick Turner is back. Then, OL Dennis Landolt (who has been injured anyway) and CB Donnie Fletcher were cut. I expect Fletcher back on the practice squad shortly.

That leaves one spot available, by my count. Two once Revis goes on IR. I wouldn't necessary trust my count though, since I'm in law school, not math school. So maybe Ricky Sapp will be activated this week to gain more of a pass rush, or maybe we will sign another cornerback to help cover for Revis Island. Or maybe a new running back. Who knows. Stay tuned.