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Flight Connections 09-23-12

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Newsday: Rex Ryan won't allow a letdown against the Miami Dolphins.

ESPN New York: Grading Rex at 50 games. Mike Westhoff will reminisce, but only a little.

Kimberley A. Martin: Reggie Bush holds a special place for Tony Sparano.

Rant Sports: Revisiting the Sparano era in Miami. Mark Sanchez faces another big test.

Conor Orr: The Jets are trying to get Shonn Greene to make people miss once in a while.

The Jet Press: All-22 film study of Greene.

Ben Shpigel: Rookie receiver Stephen Hill is in a new world of zigs and zags.

Kevin Armstrong: Santonio Holmes returns to Miami for the first time since his meltdown.

Randy Lange: The Jets go on a business trip with a 2-0 bottom line.

Bob Glauber: So many Jets have so much to prove.

Brian Costello: The Jets will measure their growth in the matchup against the Dolphins.

Hank Gola: Gang Green's rush defense will be put to the test.

J.P. Pelzman: The Jets want to net the Dolphins today because rougher seas are ahead.

Steve Serby: With a loss here, the season could go south in a hurry.

Steve Serby shares a Q&A with Yeremiah Bell.

The Star-Ledger previews the game.

The Metro previews the game.

NBC Miami previews the game.

New York Times: In the NFL, punts and returns get longer.

Sam Borden: With replacement officials on the field, the pace of games sputters.

Toni Monkovic: Is there a new home advantage in the NFL?

Do you have an alternate team that you sometimes root for?

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