Alternate Teams

Another slow Saturday at the office means my co-workers and I get lazy and do what we do best, talk football. Today we had a fun discussion about secondary teams that we may root for aside from our primary team.

On Saturdays my office is the home of 2 Giants fans, 1 Chiefs fan, 1 Chargers Fan, and 1 Jets Fan.

We each answered questions and the respones are quoted below.

Giants Fan #1 Alternate Team- Buffalo Bills Why?- " I used to be a Bills fan in the 90's, it was incredible to watch Jim Kelly run that K-Gun offense. I always hated the Jets so Buffalo was another NY option for when my Giants were out of contention. Now, I just root for them from the distance."

Giants Fan #2 Alternate Team- SD Chargers Why?- " I dont care too much about them Chargers but I always thought they had the greatest uniforms in the league. Those Powder Blues are sweet. I also love the fact that they gave us Eli Manning"

Chiefs Fan. Alternate Team- None Why?- "Growing up in Missouri sucks. There are two good things about that State, the food and the Chiefs. Arrowhead is the greatest place on earth, and us Chiefs fans lock that place down on Sundays. I could never imagine rooting for any other team than the Chiefs."

SD Chargers Fan. Alternate Team- Philadelphia Eagles Why?- " Im married to an Eagles fan so I dont have a choice. Also, there theme song "Fly Eagles Fly" is really cool".

NY Jets Fan. (ME) Alternate Team- Dallas Cowboys Why?- "My older Brother and Sister are both die-hard Cowboy fans so I was forced into watching alot of their games growing up and they kind of grew on me. Watching Emmit Smith and Troy Aikman play was a real treat. Also, Rob Ryan has the best hair in the NFL."

The entire Conversation was alot more in depth and would have made for a great podcast, as we have some pretty colorfull people at the office.

If you GGN'rs have a second team that you root for outside of the Jets, or you dont believe in having an alternate teame, please share your response with an explanation in the comments.

Thanks for your time. :) GO JETS!!!

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