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Flight Connections 09-21-12

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Aloha Friday, Gang Green Gangsters! As you may have noticed, I recently went through a name change operation, and I would just like to thank the support team at SB Nation for all their help. shares video of Mike Westhoff talking about returning to Miami. He mentions that Jeremy Kerley may have sensed that the blocking was good when he opted not to fair catch on the muff. shares video of Tony Sparano talking about returning to Miami and more.

Greg Logan: Sparano says that he's not vengeful towards the Dolphins.

Brian Costello: Rex Ryan changes the team's sleep schedule.

Michael Salfino: To Rex, rookies like Ryan Tannehill aren't tough cookies.

Conor Orr: Matt Cavanaugh says that he sees a successful year for Mark Sanchez.

Kristine Reese: Tim Tebow gets shirtless again for Vogue magazine.

Seth Walder: The Jets are still figuring out where to use Tim and how often to depoly deploy it.

Bob Raissman: The Jets haven't been using Tebow much, at least in relation to the attention he has received.

Kristian Dyer: The Jets running game is struggling early.

John Holt: Joe McKnight wears many hats and loves the game.

Eric Allen: Shonn Greene is the perfect fit.

The Jet Press: Santonio Holmes is showing a new attitude.

Daily News: The Jets defense has its hands full against Reggie Bush.

Jets Insider: The Jets defense can't beat around Bush.

Randy Lange: The run defense wants to spend time in Miami's backfield.

Manish Mehta: Darrelle Revis says that he is playing on Sunday.

George Willis: Revis calls the Dolphins game a must-win.

Greg Logan: Antonio Cromartie is sticking to the defense.

Mike Vorkunov: LaRon Landry won't allow the spotlight to slow him down.

Jets Twit: What the Dolphins players are tweeing about.

Behind the Steel Curtain: Lawrence Timmons was fined for his hit on Sanchez. It didn't look to me like he was aiming for the helmet though.

New York Times: With the usual NFL referees away, players try to stretch the rules.

The Jets play 60 in Brooklyn after the jump.

Here are Vladimir Ducasse and Demario Davis encouraging kids to be active:

And relive some good moments against a divisional opponent: