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Jets Need To Get Passing Game On The Move

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Our second what to watch for this week comes from the Jets passing game. The Miami Dolphins with Paul Soliai anchoring the middle are stout against the run and as we have said many many times here, Shonn Greene although a workhorse and a power back, is hardly going to break off 15-20 yard runs at the best of times. I can see Shonn grinding out 2-3 yards here and there and perhaps a good 6-7 yard gain every now and again, however for the Jets the game will be won by the ability to set up the passing game.

Last week the Jets were rolling, they continued straight from Buffalo into the first two drives against the Steelers. Then Hill didn't come down with a pass (Although his arms were being pushed into alligator arms during the catch) and Cumberland failed to turn in anticipation of the quick pass from Sanchez under intense pressure. After that we went off the rails and looked more like late 2011 than Buffalo 2012.

To start this game I expect Sparano to try and get Sanchez in a rhythm with high percentage completion passes. We are talking about screens, slants and short crossing routes, get the feel for completions. Rex Ryan has already said that Joe McKnight will play a more significant role this week, and I expect to see more Tebow, more read option plays. McKnight being deployed as a runner and on the screen passes.

Miami do not have a great set of defensive backs, especially after trading Davis away. However they do have two impressive speed rushers coming off the edge in Odrick and Wake that could cause Sanchez some problems if Ferguson and Howard get put on the back foot.

There are a lot of interesting parts to this match-up with the Dolphins, ensuring that we get our passing game going early is just one of them.