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Buffalo Wild Wings: My Week Three Picks

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Alright Jets fans, it's that time again.....I try and do my best Nostradamus impression and I'll likely fail....miserably.

However without further delay, here are my weekend selections:

Thursday 8:20pm New York Giants @ Carolina Panthers Giants Win
Sunday 1:00pm St Louis Rams @ Chicago Bears Bears Win
Sunday 1:00pm Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns Bills Win
Sunday 1:00pm Tampa Bay Bucs @ Dallas Cowboys Cowboys Win
Sunday 1:00pm Jacksonville Jags @ Indy Colts Colts Win
Sunday 1:00pm New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins NY Jets Win
Sunday 1:00pm San Fran 49'ers @ Minnesota Vikings 49'ers Win
Sunday 1:00pm KC Chiefs @ New Orleans Saints Saints Win
Sunday 1:00pm Detroit Lions @ Tennessee Titans Lions Win
Sunday 1:00pm Cincy Bengals @ Washington Redskins Redskins Win
Sunday 4:05pm Philly Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals Cardinals Win
Sunday 4:05pm Atlanta Falcons @ San Diego Chargers Falcons Win
Sunday 4:25pm Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos Broncos Win
Sunday 4:25pm Pittsburgh Steelers @ Oakland Raiders Steelers Win
Sunday 8:20pm NE Patriots @ Baltimore Ravens Ravens Win
Monday 8:30pm GB Packers @ Seattle Seahawks Packers Win