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NY Jets 2012 Opponents & Their Respective Blogs

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With just one week to go before the Jets start their campaign, I thought it would be a good idea to get this all set up and ready to go. If you have been here over the last couple of seasons, you will know that during game week members of the opposing teams blog come over to Gang Green Nation to answer questions we have and just generally join in the conversation.

For me this is just one of the many reasons why SBNation is such a fantastic concept. With a lot of the NFL blogs, you need to apply for membership and usually there is a 24/48 hours delay while you are validated. This is just to weed out any spammers who wan't to advertise.

So instead of waiting until game week, why not head over and join the SBNation blogs of our 2012 opponents now. I will be going over each week to introduce a thread and answer questions, however it's always great to have our membership join me to get different perspectives, multiple answers and just to represent Gang Green Nation to the other NFL communities.

I always ask that we follow the same rules on other blogs as we do here, have some fun but stay respectful. Keep it on topic, avoid any personal attacks at all costs and represent Gang Green Nation well.

So join me after the jump for a list of our opponents and their blogs to join

Week 1: v Buffalo Bills - Buffalo Rumblings - Sunday 9th of September 1:00pm EST (CBS)

Week 2: @ Pittsburgh Steelers- Behind The Steel Curtain - Sunday 16th of September 4:25pm EST (CBS)

Week 3: @ Miami Dolphins- The Phinsider - Sunday 23rd of September 1:00pm EST (CBS)

Week 4: v San Francisco 49'ers - Niners Nation - Sunday 30th of September 1:00pm EST (FOX)

Week 5: v Houston Texans - Battle Red Blog - Monday 8th of October 8:30pm EST (ESPN)

Week 6: v Indianapolis Colts- Stampede Blue - Sunday 14th of October 1:00pm EST (CBS)

Week 7: @ New England Patriots - Pats Pulpit - Sunday 21st of October 4:25pm EST (CBS)

Week 8: v Miami Dolphins - The Phinsider - Sunday 28th of October 1:00pm EST (CBS)

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: @ Seattle Seahawks - Field Gulls - Sunday 11th of November 4:05pm EST (CBS)

Week 11: @ St Louis Rams - Turf Show Times - Sunday 18th of November 1:00pm EST (CBS)

Week 12: v New England Patriots - Pats Pulpit - Thursday 22nd of November 8:20pm EST (NBC)

Week 13: v Arizona Cardinals - Revenge Of The Birds- Sunday 2nd of December 1:00pm EST (FOX)

Week 14: @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Big Cat Country - Sunday 9th of December 1:00pm EST (CBS)

Week 15: @ Tennessee Titans - Music City Miracles - Monday 17th of December 8:30pm EST (ESPN)

Week 16: v San Diego Chargers - Bolts From The Blue - Sunday 23rd of December 8:20pm EST (NBC)

Week 17: @ Buffalo Bills - Buffalo Rumblings - Sunday 30th of December 1:00pm EST (CBS)