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Flight Connections 09-19-12

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Randy Lange: Remember the NFL image maker Steve Sabol.

Manish Mehta: Mark Sanchez's overthrown pass meant the beginning of the end against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Kristine Reese: The minimal use of Tim Tebow remains a mystery.

Kimberley A. Martin: Will we be seeing more of Tim against the Miami Dolphins?

Mike Vorkunov: Shonn Greene says that the ground and pound is coming around.

John Holt: New Jets Konrad Reuland and Clyde Gates are catching on.

Brian Costello: Santonio Holmes is not living up to his paycheck as the number 1 receiver.

Deadspin: Holmes played call-your-own-fouls with the replacement refs.

Pro Football Focus: Nick Mangold has hit the ground running with his 2012 season.

Sports Illustrated: Mangold says that Twitter bridges the divide between the pro and the fan.

Conor Orr: The Jets are easing in Vladimir Ducasse at guard.

The Jet Press: The good and bad sides of Antonio Cromartie. Tanner Purdum visits a junior football practice.

Tanner and his wife need your help in fighting breast cancer. shares video of Muhammad Wilkerson and his mom.

Mike Vorkunov looks back at the Raiders vs. Dolphins game.

Rich Cimini looks back at five plays that shaped the game at Pittsburgh.

Rich Cimini looks ahead to Miami.

J.P. Pelzman looks ahead to Miami.

Green Building Elements: The new Meadowlands stadium is one of the world's most sustainable sports stadiums.

Pro Football Talk: Brian Waters turned down a raise offered by the New England Patriots.

Judy Battista: The Patriots are bitten by their reliance on tight ends.

Mike Freeman: Replacement officials are starting to raise risks, but the NFL remains unmoved.

Deadspin: The replacement refs are the world's worst substitute teachers.

New York Times: Criticism of NFL replacement officials builds.

Associated Press: Vince Young is out of the game and out of money.

Deadspin: Stephen A. Smith used to wallpaper his cubicle with hatemail.