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Flight Connections 09-18-12

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SI Live: David Harris, Antonio Cromartie and Santonio Holmes make the Forbes list as the NFL's most overpaid players. Royce Pollard is in and Stanley Arukwe is out on practice squad.

Conor Orr: Rex Ryan explains his usage of Tim Tebow.

Brian Costello: The Jets still don't know how effective the Mark Sanchez and Tebow tandem can be.

Greg Logan: Vladimir Ducasse has earned the left guard slot.

Mike Vorkunov: Shonn Greene does not have a concussion.

Mike Vorkunov: Aaron Maybin says that he must step up.

Brian Costello: The Jets are hopeful that Darrelle Revis will be cleared to play.

Mike Vorkunov: Ryan thinks LaRon Landry will become a target as teams try to draw flags.

Kimberley A. Martin: Rex defends Antonio Cromartie.

Jets Twit: Cro's wife lets him know that he screwed up.

ESPN New York grades the Jets.

The Record grades the Jets.

The Post grades the Jets.

Newsday grades the Jets.

The Jet Press grades the Jets.

JetNation grades the Jets.

Jets Insider reviews the game.

NY Jets Cap shares post game thoughts.

Pro Football Focus refocuses on the game.

Dave Caldwell: The Jets turn backs on the game that slipped right through their hands.

Rich Cimini: Rex dares you to question the defense.

Mike Vaccaro: Ryan insists that he's involved in the offense.

Seth Walder: Tebow questions irk Rex.

Kristian Dyer: What the Jets needed was more Tebow. Actually, they needed more catches and tackles.

Randy Lange: Were there a few other factors affecting the pass at Pittsburgh?

Eric Allen: Breaking the Jets schedule into 3 categories.

CBS New York: The Jets can't point to excuses.

Associated Press: Wayne Hunter is the likely starter for the St. Louis Rams this week.

Bufallo News: Fewer games at Ralph and more in Toronto are likely.

Shutdown Corner: Officials fail miserably with penalty spots in the Falcons-Broncos game.

The Fifth Down: With the replacement refs, is the NFL making a mockery of the game?

SB Nation: The NFL doesn't care what you think of replacement refs.

USA Today: Steve Young says that the NFL doesn't care because the fans still watch.

Peter King: Shoddy, inconsistent officiating is making NFL games hard to enjoy.

Mike Freeman: It was a horrible week for replacements.

Steve Politi: Roger Goodell is the real villain with replacement refs.

Deadspin: Goodell is still a hypocritical stain.

OSN: New sitcom to feature blocking tight end living with pass-catching tight end.

Deadspin: Stephen A. Smith thought an article about him in The Onion was real.

Enjoy your Tuesday, Gang Green Gangsters! I'm off to write my new screenplay called "Slawless". It's about a starting left guard who gets benched for a second-round bust.