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Flight Connections 09-17-12

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Star-Ledger: Kyle Wilson rates his play as solid in replacing Darrelle Revis.

New York Times: The offense stalls as the Jets fall to Steelers.

Conor Orr: The Jets scored a touchdown on their opening drive but ultimately lost.

Bob Glauber: Tim Tebow makes only a cameo appearance.

George Bretherton: For the Jets, there was too much Ben Roethlisberger and too many mistakes.

Steve Serby: Mark Sanchez shows that he's not in Big Ben's league.

Rich Cimini: Jeremy Kerley makes a selfish play. Jere-Kerl regrets not fair catching the muffed punt.

Brian Costello: LaRon Landry was too personal for the Gang's liking.

ESPN New York: Santonio Holmes and Ike Taylor's rivalry was renewed at Heinz Field.

Pro Football Talk: Replacement officials had a rough day in Pittsburgh.

The Post grades the Jets.

Newsday grades the Jets.

JetNation grades the Jets.

New York Times: Greg Schiano, Tom Coughlin and the unwritten rules.

Bangor Daily News: Matthew Mulligan helps the St. Louis Rams rally by the Washington Redskins.

OSN: Redskins fans can't remember how to cheer a quarterback.

OSN: Calvin Johnson probably works out fairly often. An official who worked the Seahawks-Cardinals game has ties to Seattle.

ESPN: The NFL pulled a replacement ref from the Saints game after being made aware that he was a Saints fan.

Try to enjoy your week, Gang Green Gangsters. If we can only catch the football and tackle on defense, we might actually have a football team.