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Flight Connections 09-15-12

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Good morning Gang Green Gangsters! Am I just me, or am I David Vill now? Here are your links...

New York Times: Rex Ryan wants the Jets to be taken seriously.

Star-Ledger: Darrelle Revis, Dustin Keller and Bryan Thomas won't play against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

ESPN New York: How to replace Revis, Keller and Thomas.

NY Jets Draft: Schematic options for a Revis-less defense.

Daily News: Joe McKnight practices at cornerback and could be used in an emergency.

John Holt: Jeff Cumberland's number is called again.

Jane McManus: Tim Tebow squelches the trade rumor.

Neil Best: Troy Aikman weighs in on Tebow.

Mark Cannizzaro: It's time for the Jets to prove how good they are.

jnetys: Ten things I expect to see this Sunday.

Smackdad: Practice squad maneuvers.

Press-Enterprise: New punter Robert Malone passes detailed scrutiny.

ESPN New York: Mike Westhoff says that the Jets won't make the Oakland Raiders' mistake.

The Jet Press: Heath Miller will pose a big test for the linebackers and safeties.

Jets Flight Deck previews the game.

NYJ OTP previews the game.

Jets Insider previews the game.

Jets Insider looks back at the Bills at Jets all-22.

Pro Football Talk: Plaxico Burress feels frustrated.

Deadspin: Here's an unverified story about Stephen A. Smith yelling in a restaurant.

SB Nation: A Florida high school creates the ugliest uniforms ever. Their colors are green and white. Why not just emulate the Jets?

OSN: A legal loophole in Art Modell's will eliminates the Cleveland Browns forever.

OSN: Janoris Jenkins claims he got laid during his interception return.

OSN: The overconfident Miami Dolphins are already talking about going a perfect 0-16.

And lastly, are you greg? DK has a message for you: