Ten Things I Expect To See This Sunday (NY JETS EDITION)

1. Austin Howard takes a step back, kind of.

He was just about flawless in the Bills game. This week he won't be. He'll give up a sack. But he'll still have a pretty good game. He'll do nothing to make you scream for Hunter to come back.

2. This is the week we see Tim Tebow "The Punt Protector" run the ball on a fake punt. This is also the week we see Tim Tebow "The Wildcat Specialist" have more success running the ball on the ground.

It will work just as expected, and gain 15+ yards. The fake punt will come when the Jets are forced to punt just out of field goal range. This first down will help the Jets in getting a touchdown on the same drive. Last week, he had some good gains, but never broke any big yardage. This week, Tim Tebow's statline out of the wildcat will look something like this: 6 rushes, 54 yards, no touchdowns.

3. Mark Sanchez has another great game.

I'm going to say his statline will look something like this: 21 completions, 30 attempts, 322 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception. I hate predicting Sanchez throwing another pick, but I just think that Troy Polamalu's greatness might snag one from him.

4. Santonio Holmes will score a touchdown.

He came so close to getting a touchdown last week. I expect him to be very motivated to perform well against his old team. His stat line will look like this: 6 catches, 108 yards, 1 touchdown.

5. Stephen Hill will score another touchdown this week.

The Steelers defense is aging, and is not as fast as it used to be. Stephen Hill is young, and is one of the fastest in the league. I just have a feeling the Steelers D will have a rough time stopping him. He will score another touchdown on a beautifully thrown deep ball from Sanchez. His stat line will look something like this: 5 catches, 95 yards, 1 touchdown.

6. Kerley, If healthy and playing, will have another good game.

He won't score a touchdown at all this week, but I do expect him to have another big punt return of 30+ yards. He'll have something like 3 catches for 31 yards this week.

7. We're going to see a lot of Hurry Up Offense.

Going back to obvious fact that the Steelers defense is aging and is not as fast as it used to be, a Hurry Up Offense could be a good idea this week. The Broncos did it last week with success, and I think Tony Sparano realizes this weakness and plans to exploit it. We will have a lot of success with the Hurry Up Offense this week.

8. IF Revis doesn't play, the Jets Defense won't miss him as much as we think it will.

Obviously, Revis makes our Defense much better. However, I don't think it would be doomsday without him. Why? Because if necessary, I believe that Wilson is ready to step his game up if moving to the outside. He won't shut people down like Revis does, but I would expect him to have a great game in his own right. I expect Wilson to get an interception whether or not Revis plays. The Steelers will test him either way. Another reason I think the rest of our defense can pick up the slack, is because of the combination of our pass rush, the Steelers offensive line, and the fact that Big Ben likes to hold onto the ball. I think we get at least one sack this week. I'm actually going to say we get 4. We got some good pressure on the quarterback last week, but the Bills offense just gets the ball out so quick. I think whether or not Revis plays this week, the Jets will be coming after Big Ben like a bunch of madmen. The offensive line is another weakness of the Steelers, and I fully expect Rex to exploit it with success.

9. We see more of Maybin and Davis. Coples gets a vicious sack, and gets into the backfield on multiple occasions.

I think we use Maybin more this week because of his speed in the pass rush. I think we see Davis more this week because his speed in coverage (Which would definitely help us being that the Steelers have very fast receivers). Coples takes advantage of the weak Steelers Offensive Line, and gets a sack on Big Ben. He also causes pressure on other occasions, and stuffs runs in the backfield. His statline will look something like this: 5 tackles, 1 sack, 2 TFL.

10. The Jets win 30-17 if Revis doesn't play, if he does? 30-13.

The Jets won't score as many points as last week, but I think they will still have a good offensive showing. The defense will dominate, just as it did last week up until garbage time. However, this week, there will be no garbage time, so I expect the defense to play extremely well the entire game. The Jets need to win this game, and they know it. The media still think their a joke (and they probably still will even if the Jets beat the Steelers). But the Jets have that chip on their shoulder. They've got the Eye Of The Tiger. They're focused, they're motivated, and I fully expect them to win this game.

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