Llamar Woodley Guarantees Victory. Laron Landry says, "Smack Yo'self"

Wait... Hold on a second. I thought we were supposed to be the loudmouths. So now the most overrated linebacker in the league wants to throw his hat in the trash-talking ring. The same guy that got handled by Wayne freaking Hunter TWICE. The same guy thats made a career feeding off the scraps of real players like Hampton and Harrison and Diana Ross on Roids. And he can't even be a man and come out and say it.

"We won't be 0-2," Woodley said, via Ken Laird over in Pittsburgh. "So far we’re 0-1, and we’ll manage to not go 0-2."

Wow, way step up there Llamar. Why don't you man up and just say it? Guaranty it Llamar. Know what? You're not even man enough to be called Llamar anymore. I'm giving you a new name. I'm calling you Pussyfoot. Pussyfoot Woodley. The guy who can't stick out his chin, look you in the eye, and say what's on his mind. Pussyfoot won't say it. He'll say anything but what it is he's trying to say. He'll dance all around it. He'll leave a trail of breadcrumbs. He'll drop hints. But he won't say the words. Because deep down, Pussyfoot is affraid. He's affraid to make somebody mad. He's affraid to get an ass whoopin. But real men like Dirty 30 don't have that problem. Dirty 30 doesn't pussyfoot around what he wants to say. He says what he says and if you have a problem with it he'll just snap off one of your limbs.

Says Mr. Landry:
"We can be as great as we want to be," Landry said. I'm not about to turn it into a controversy, but I think we can win over them. I think we have all the pieces that they have, even better... If you look at the starter at each position ... I like the matchup. I choose my guys over any of their guys, especially in our defensive scheme. It's going to be a tough game, going up against their offense, but also statistically, winning each category, comparing defense to defense, I'm looking forward to that challenge, too," he said. "(I want) to win every category and outbeat their defense. Seriously."

See Pussyfoot? Laron doesn't just want to win the game. He wants to destroy you. He wants to snuff out every single aspect of your offense. He says, to a man our guys are better than your guys and he wants his defense to outperform your in every single statistical category. He considers it a personal challenge. He doesn't tip-toe through the tulips about it. He doesn't pussyfoot around it. He could care less about how that makes you feel or how riled up you get about it. Because he'll just go out and find somebody to snap in half. And real men saying what they mean and meaning what they say has a contagious aspect to it. Pretty soon the guys around him start to exude that confidence. They start to adopt that violence.

"There's just a swagger and confidence on this defense," defensive tackle Mike DeVito said. "We know we can be the best."

"I feel like we have no weaknesses at any position on defense," linebacker David Harris said.

Landry and Bell are "like predators back there," DeVito said. "They're flying all over the place. They're violent. That's intimidating for the other team. I'd hate to be on the other side of the ball, with those guys flying around.

Hey Pussyfoot... Do you know where you are? You're in the jungle baby... You're gonna die!!!

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