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My Week Two NFL Selections

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We are one week down in the NFL and we are ready to go with week two. So how did you all do with your predictions last week, personally I was 10/15 last week (Colts, Saints, Seahawks, Panthers and Raiders all lost when I said they would win). So that's not too bad but it definitely should be better, now we have one week of game football to go by, here are my selections for week two:

Day Time Teams Winner
Thursday 8:20pm est Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers Packers
Sunday 1:00pm est Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills Chiefs
Sunday 1:00pm est New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers Panthers
Sunday 1:00pm est Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals Bengals
Sunday 1:00pm est Minnesota Vikings @ Indianapolis Colts Colts
Sunday 1:00pm est Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars Texans
Sunday 1:00pm est Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins Raiders
Sunday 1:00pm est Arizona Cardinals @ New England Patriots Patriots
Sunday 1:00pm est Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York Giants Giants
Sunday 1:00pm est Baltimore Ravens @ Philadelphia Eagles Ravens
Sunday 4:05pm est Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks Cowboys
Sunday 4:05pm est Washington Redskins @ St Louis Rams Redskins
Sunday 4:25pm est New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers Jets
Sunday 4:25pm est Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers Chargers
Sunday 8:20pm est Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49'ers 49'ers
Monday 8:30pm est Denver Broncos @ Atlanta Falcons Broncos