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Flight Connections 09-12-12

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SB Nation: Rex Ryan says that the Jets feel great about each other.

SB Nation New York: Ryan says that the Jets are a good football team.

ESPN New York: Rex exhorted the Jets to nix the bozo image with their play.

ESPN New York: Mark Sanchez was actually one of the better protected QBs in 2011.

Adam Schein: The most impressive development was Sanchez's ability to take a punch.

Sanchez is up for GMC Never Say Never Moment. He will probably lose to Peyton Manning.

Sanchez is up for AFC East Player of the Week. He will probably lose to C.J. Spiller.

Stephen Hill is up for Pepsi Rookie of the Week. He will probably lose to Robert Griffin III.

Conor Orr: Hill has been well-schooled.

Kimberley A. Martin: LaDanian Tomlinson says to scrap the Wildcat if Sanchez continues.

J.P. Pelzman: The Wildcat is still a work in progress.

Chris Herring: The amount of help that Tim Tebow has sought raises a question.

Mike Mazzeo: Joe Namath says that Tebow couldn't be the Jets' number 1.

Nate Davis: "The Faces of Tebow" explores him through the eyes of five diverse ex-QBs.

ESPN Stats & Info: The Jets received a boost from special teams.

Eric Allen: The Jets wide receivers fly out of the gate.

Randy Lange: The Jets are number 1 after Week 1 in scoring offense.

Matt Ehalt: The Jets' second drive proved to be a pivotal one.

Brain Brian Costello: The Jets no longer talk of winning the division.

Manish Mehta: The Jets can boast one of the NFL's best defenses.

Star Ledger: Mike DeVito says that the current defense is the best in the Ryan era.

Her Game Life shares a Q&A with Bart Scott.

Conor Orr breaks down the game.

Pro Football Focus breaks down the game. The Jets are trading partners in NYC on 9/11.

Jets Twit: Jets players tweet in remembrance of September 11th.

AFC East Blog: A reason to be hopeful and concerned about the Jets.

CBS New York: The sky-high Jets jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Associated Press: The Pittsburgh Steelers are hoping that James Harrison can play against the Jets.

Behind the Steel Curtain: Why the Steelers should use Jonathan Dwyer over Isaac Redman this week.

ESPN New York: An early look at the Steelers.

Pro Football Talk: Jets opponents aren't showing much interest in learning offensive secrets.

SB Nation: The NFL Week 1, as experienced by the internet.

Denver Post: The Denver Broncos reach an agreement with veteran center Dan Koppen. I was hoping we could somehow convince him to be our right tackle. O-welles.

Pro Football Talk: J.J. Watt says that he picked up the Miami Dolphins' snap count from "Hard Knocks".

Ultimate Texans: Antonio Smith rips Dolphins OL Richie Incognito. Care to guess how the refs missed the dirty play? It was incognito.

Associated Press: Jeff Fisher says that a mistake by the clock operator cost the St. Louis Rams.

Deadspin: The NFL lawsuit that could be bigger than the Bounty Scandal.

Mike Freeman: The NFL Coaches Association leader meets with Roger Goodell.

Jason Cole: Increased freedom for QBs leads to a record point production during the opening week.