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Time To Power Rank: Jets Middle Of The Road

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It's Tuesday which means that all across the nation NFL boffins are squinting at their computers releasing their power rankings for week two based on the pre-season hype and the performance of the teams in week one. Generally I don't take any notice of these, however on a slow news day it gives us a good idea of what others are saying about the Jets:

Brian Billick: Fox Sports

17: New York Jets (Up Three)

Wow. I don't put too much weight on the preseason, but no one could have anticipated that the Jets would put up more points in one game than they did all four preseason games combined. But the Bills have an awful defense. Let's see how the Jets do against the Steelers

Pete Prisco: CBS Sports

17: New York Jets (Up One)

Were they just playing coy in the preseason? They looked like a different team. It's obvious they need to unchain Mark Sanchez.

Associated Press

19: New York Jets (Down Two???)

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17: New York Jets (Up Four)

Most unexpected stat of the summer: The Jets scored the most points in a season opener since the 49ers in 2003. (Hensley)

Yahoo Sports

9: New York Jets

New York Jets (1-0): Were the Jets really that good or were the Bills just absurdly awful? A little bit of both, honestly.

SB Nation

15. New York Jets (Up Three)

Earlier this offseason I predicted the Jets would crumble. Um, can I take that back? The offense puts up 48 points, which off course comes after it doesn't score a preseason touchdown until the finale. I'm still cautious about the Jets, but I'm preparing to be wrong.