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Coors Light Reason To Celebrate: Mark Sanchez

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I've been asked to write a post today about what went well for the Jets this weekend, just pick one aspect that went well. For most teams that may be a struggle, for me it was also a struggle.....but the struggle came by having to pick just one. I was thinking about taking the easy route and just going with a general 'victory' or 'scoring points' but you guys know me and I'm never one to take the easy root. So after much deliberation considering Stephen Hill, Considering Austin Howard, considering Jeremy Kerley, I kept coming back to the same guy......Mark Sanchez!

I have criticised Mark in the past and in my personal opinion it has been warranted. I'm not going to sit here and say that he was perfect, he wasn't! He should never have attempted that shovel pass, not in a million years and he himself said after the game he should have tucked it and run. However no quarterback in the NFL is going to go through a season without making a bad decision, not your Tom Brady's or your Peyton Mannings or your Dan Marino's or Joe Montana's in their prime, it's the amount of bad decisions you make that define your season.

So if we are quick to criticise Mark, we have to be just as quick to applaud him for his positive performances. I've watched the game 3-4 times, every snap (NFL Gamepass condensed game is a wonderful thing) and I think that was the best performance of his career. He was 19/27 for 266 yards, 3 TD's and 1 INT. Lets be honest he could and should have had another TD on that Santonio Holmes catch.

Mark Sanchez looked comfortable, he looked controlled and he looked like the clear leader on that offense. His post game comments showed his leadership in full flow. He set his feet fell, he pump faked on both the TD to Kerley and the TD to Hill and recognised the coverage. I can't remember him throwing risky balls into double and triple coverage like he has done since we drafted him in 09. He looked good on the move too.

Looking back at the game, if we give Mark Sanchez time to throw and he maintains that performance level. He could do some special things this year as he has the receiving core, something I have been saying all off-season, he has that, and now he has protection. So for his performance, his leadership and his attitude coming back after he threw that early interception....he's my clear winner of the Coors Light reason to celebrate this week in Jets football.