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CB Darrelle Revis Diagnosed With Concussion

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THIS WAS AWESOME. But we probably won't see it again this weekend :'(
THIS WAS AWESOME. But we probably won't see it again this weekend :'(

Well, this is easily the biggest damper on the amazing game annihilation this past Sunday. If you recall, CB Darrelle Revis was struck in the back of the head by the knee/leg of LB Bart Scott as Revis made a tackle in the fourth quarter. Revis laid on the ground for the moment in pain before walking off and talking to some trainers/men in suits. Revis left the game, but Rex Ryan seemed to indicate after that he was fine.

Now we know that Revis has a 'mild' concussion, but a concussion nonetheless. Revis will have to pass some tests, comparing his brain activity to his baseline tests before he can play again. Right now, his status for the game this weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers is up-in-the-air. I wouldn't count on it, though.

But don't jump off the bridge yet, because this means CB Kyle Wilson will move to the #2 CB position. In that role, he will play on the outside as opposed to the slot where he normally roams, and will be in his 'natural' position that he played in college. As a Boise State fan, I can attest to Wilson's excellence on the outside. Truthfully, since Wilson was drafted, we have been shoehorning him into a position that he is only now starting to grow comfortable in. We will likely see Antonio Cromartie cover Mike Wallace, and Kyle Wilson cover Antonio Brown. I suppose Isaiah Trufant will move into the third spot, which will become the biggest liability on defense. Our pass rush will have plenty of opportunities to neutralize this weakness, as the Steelers have one of the most injured offensive lines in the NFL.

In short, I'm not too worried. Yet.