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Snap Count Numbers For Your New York Jets Defense

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Following on from the offensive side of the ball, lets flip the attention over to the defensive side of the ball. With a lot more moving parts and a few players vying for time, I find this one much more interesting to look at. So lets take a look at the numbers first and then can get down to the conclusions to be taken away:

100% 63/63 David Harris, Yeremiah Bell, Laron Landry Defense
95 % 60/63 Calvin Pace Defense
94% 59/63 Antonio Cromartie Defense
86% 54/63 Kyle Wilson, Bart Scott Defense
84% 53/63 Muhammed Wilkerson Defense
79% 50/63 Darrelle Revis Defense
51% 32/63 Quinton Coples Defense
49% 31/63 Kenrick Ellis Defense
41% 26/63 Mike DeVito Defense
25% 16/63 Aaron Maybin, Garrett McIntyre, Marcus Dixon Defense
16% 10/63 Josh Mauga Defense
14% 9/63 Isaiah Trufant, Ellis Lankster, Bryan Thomas Defense

Demario Davis, Nick Bellore, Josh Bush saw 0% of defensive snaps. Bryan Thomas is extremely low there, but he was struggling with an injury this week. I'm a little surprised to see Trufant only in on 9% of the plays as it seemed as though he was a lot more active. Can we expect Landry (coming back from injury) and Bell (getting up there in age) to play 100% of the snaps? we can't but Eric Smith is a couple of weeks away from full fitness yet I believe. Calvin put in a good shift, and I thought he had a decent game. Revis obviously left the game in the 4th with an injury. I thought Coples was involved on more than 50% of the plays, but this shows why our eyes can be deceptive.

What are your thoughts?