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Stephen Hill: Not A Rex Ryan Pick

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Rex Ryan spoke to Don Banks of Sports Illustrated recently and it has been revealed that Rex wanted to go in another direction, however Tannenbaum, Bradway and the scouts twisted his arm:

"Well, nothing told me he would (contribute)," Ryan told Don Banks of Sports Illustrated. "Nothing. When I saw the tape (of his collegiate play) I was concerned. But (Jets general manager) Mike Tannenbaum and (senior personnel executive) Terry Brady and all our scouts were adamant about this guy. They were adamant that this guy can do it.

"He can run all these routes, he had good hands and he's got 4.2 speed at 6-foot-5. He was the guy they all wanted, but honestly, when it came down to it, a wideout? Not my dream pick. But now that we have him, of course, I want to claim him: 'Oh, that was my pick.' But it really wasn't."

You all know that I think that Stephen Hill will be elite. Although he did have the drop that caused the interception against the Panthers, he also brought in 5 receptions at 13.6 yards average per.

The worrying thing about the comments above, is that even in the 2nd round Rex Ryan did not think that a wideout was a necessary selection for the Jets. To myself and most Jets fans, it was a must to upgrade the wide receiver position this off-season.

It does come back to the debate that if Rex was allowed to run the team we would be 100% focused on defense. At the moment it does seem as though Ryan forgets that you need to score points to win football games. I think he is already started to realise it was a good pick, by commenting that now we have him he wants to claim it was his.